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" How well-timed! How required it is for just one of the very best human beings, commercial leaders, and philanthropists on earth to compellingly drill upon timeless, general values for people who do buiness and life. This book edifies, inspires, and motivates most of us to unit these common sensical lessons for the organizations, all of our relationships, and particularly our posterity—for what is good sense is obviously certainly not common practice. Primary greatness is figure and contribution. Secondary success is just how most people determine success—wealth, celebrity, position, and so forth Few have got both. Jon's one of them. ” —Dr. Sophie R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

" In his creative gifts, in his business success, in his great philanthropy, in his man qualities, Jon Huntsman stands in a class all of his own. ” —Richard Cheney, Vice President of the United States, on the celebration of the devotion of Huntsman Hall, The Wharton College, The University or college of Pennsylvania

" Jon Huntsman has successfully navigated corporate America guided with a strong meaningful compass. In his book, Jon shares his depth of knowledge and outlines tips on how to succeed in this competitive current market while taking the high surface. ” —Senator Elizabeth Dole

" Jon Huntsman's new book needs to be mandatory studying for leaders—and those who aspire to be leaders—in every field. His secrets for success will be no secrets by any means, but very helpful lessons that he offers reminded all of us, with his life and now with his words, will be the pillars upon which we can build our lives, as well. ” —Senator Tom Daschle

" Jon Huntsman's publication is about values, values, fantastic experiences. The practical way through which he stocks those with you is amazing. This is an e book with inspiration for a young generation. ” —Jeroen van der Veer, Chief Executive, Noble Dutch/Shell Group

" As I read Jon's book, I believed my father got returned to share with me that you're either genuine or you are dishonest, that there is nothing among. 2 + 2 = 4, never 3. 999 or 5. 001. Likewise, if you usually say everything you believe, you should not have a great memory. Whenever we could only live the guidelines Jon provides followed, exactly what a university different globe it would be—both in our business and personal interactions. ” —Former U. T. Senator and Astronaut Jake Garn

" Jon Huntsman has used us to the basics—the basic ideals that transcend all careers and nationalities. He provides provided real-life examples that are inspiring and have absolutely that ‘good guys' can actually finish first. And he shows us how you can learn from mistakes. This can be a ‘must read' for both equally young men and females just stepping onto the golden escalator to success and any individual seeking reassurance that how one lives every day really does matter. ” —Marsha L. Evans, previous President and CEO, American Red Get across

" A refreshing and candid conversation on standard values that can guide you in the sandbox for the boardroom—told with a straight present shooter. ” —Chuck Prince, Leader and CEO, Citigroup

" Jon's perspective on moral and ethical behavior in operation should be educational to all whom read this book. The lessons of fair enjoy and having true to personal moral beliefs and integrity are time-honored principals which can be all too often overlooked in today's world. While this book is geared to individuals in business, I realize it as worthwhile reading to any person. ” —Rick Majerus, ex - ESPN Basketball Analyst and legendary basketball coach, St Louis University or college.

" It is true that all business enterprises are profit focused, but the greed for prosperity and the ardent desire to stay competitive usually lure more and more corporate professionals to resort to unscrupulous, dishonest practices. Even though may accomplish temporary successes, their profitable lies and fraud will probably be their supreme undoing, leading to great deficits to their shareholders. Jon's publication is a stentorian call for the organization world to reassert approved moral ideals...