Whirlpool Europe  Task Atlantic Dissertation


The case study highlights Whirlpool Firm - European countries plans to evaluate project Ocean, with emphasis on capital spending budget. Project Ocean is an investment in an enterprise resource organizing (ERP) program that would improve business processes across all European parts and reorganize the information circulation throughout the organization. The objective of the truth is to determine whether or not Whirlpool Corporation should adopt a planned ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING project in Europe – project Atlantic.

Whirlpool & Project Ocean

Whirlpool can be worldwide innovator in the home devices industry, which has a 13% discuss of Europe's market. Whirlpool Europe produced products based upon sales finances or forecasts and then organised them as finished products inventory. Whirlpool Europe operations were transported through a discrete/disparate stand alone systems, localized to meet individual plant, distribution centers, or revenue offices business process. Essentially Whirlpool was not operating in global common business operations, with translucent flow info across sections which was frequently inconsistent, irreconcilable and essential redundant operate to achieve goals.

Hence, as a solution to swiftly changing consumer needs and become competitive on the market, it was noticed that such processes & devices would not support company growth, and the organization would need a global integrated system. Therefore Whirlpool Corporation planned and came up with ERP implementation globally, called project Atlantic.

Project – Atlantic can be an ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING project that potentially provides savings around many functions by providing better operative success and effectiveness in Whirlpools sales & marketing, functions, supply sequence, logistics, financial and recruiting. This job is mapped out in a took approach we. e. Trend (North, South, West and Central).

Goals & Aims

Whirlpool's ideal goal/objective should be to efficiently support its organization processes across its vertical functional and horizontal sections by building global prevalent business techniques and maintain a decreased Total Expense of Ownership (TCO) of the IT systems.

Financial: Integrated economic information.

•Visibility of data around the world.

•Increasing device sales simply by 25%.

•Gross Margin maximize of. 25% by the end of year two

•Reduction of month as well as year end close methods.

•Accurate saving and confirming of throughout the world fixed resources


•Integrated customer buy information

•18% reduction of FTEs (Full Time Employees) in Order Office employees •15% reduction of FTEs in Finance.

•15% reduction (7, 200 m^2) in warehouse space snabel-a $40 /m^2

•Improve NINTENDO DSI from current 51 days to 39 days within each wave

Supply Chain: Worldwide awareness of products on hand volumes. This visibility might: •Allow revenue easy access to inventory cycle

•Improve the distribution process

•Increase merchandise availability via 79% to 92%.

•Lower inventory amounts.

Manufacturing: Improved manufacturing processes

•Planning cycle time decrease and more successful capacity usage


Based on analysis, it is evident from case that Whirlpool provides only two choices. These kinds of choices will be either a) to install the SAP R/3 ERP program or b) do nothing. Simply no other choices were discovered or explored. Whirlpool produced several user-friendly assumptions when making the business unit for the Atlantic ERP application. These kinds of assumptions had been created through the development of theoretical models depending on maybe a tad ambitious objectives. These presumptions included:

•DSI reduction in every single wave via 51 days to between 29 and 37 days. •25% increase in unit revenue.

•Product availableness increase via 79% to 92%.

•Gross Margin enhance of. 25% (year 2), accounting pertaining to correction of lost, imperfect, or dated information The administrative centre budgeting examination of Job Atlantic yielded the following results: •NPV (Net Present Value) = $23, 600. 00

•IRR (Internal Rate of...