What Do You Think Makes a Very good Manager? Article

Kuznetsova Ksenia

What do you think the good manager? What are the primary functions of a manager relating to Philip Drucker?

Manager is the individual who organizes and coordinates the activities of the remaining portion of the staff. The value of a good manager cannot be overestimated. To begin with, a good manager is a innovator, a highly regarded, professional and strong-willed individual that can encourage inspire and lead persons. Great managers accept fault that means that they will be fully accountable for their staff. They be familiar with importance of producing – both equally their subordinates and themselves. In that case I think that good managers make themselves redundant. They always find out something new and acquire useful information from the outside community so as to get the proper experience. An excellent manager is competent: he knows the job perfectly in addition to the work of subordinates. Most of the time manager performs in a team, so it's essential to be friendly and societal and have very good communication skills. They have to become persuasive also to convince individuals to do things like forming teams even those who find themselves responsible for executing individual jobs. Moreover good managers possess empathy – the ability to part of someone else's shoes or boots – since they are good audience. They are open and always all set to discuss and solve challenges. As the managers need to measure the overall performance of the personnel they should offer praise if the objectives arranged for the corporation as a whole and then for each individual member of it will be being obtained. A good administrator judges about merit.. So managers who have regularly offer praise will be in stronger position to criticize or perhaps reprimand poor performance. In that case it won't be used as personal dislike. Good managers are certainly not afraid of others people strong points. Furthermore, good managers inspire employees to work with their own initiative, to take decisions on their own. This process is called personal strength. As the end result decision making becomes more decentralized and less...