Victim Typologies Essay

Victim Typologies

Criminology and Victimology

Jane Caplette CJ266 2/20/2012

There are five types of victim typologies that Selin & Wolfgang offer. Record consists of Primary Victimization, Extra Victimization, Tertiary Victimization, Mutual Victimization, and No Victimization. Listed below I will explain each in a detailed manner.

I would like to start with Primary Victimization. That is identified as a one person target. What that identifies is that it truly is personalized or perhaps an individual target. An individual is going to chose or perhaps " choose out” a particular person to victimize. In most situations that would include crimes associated with hate crimes, household violence, invasion and electric battery in some cases, rasurado crimes sometimes as well.

Second on the list can be Secondary Victimization. That's described as an Gregario target from the offender. That refers to a scenario such as a organization or firm sells flawed products for the public or church. Victims of work scandals, just like former personnel who dropped their your life savings. This is usually a tricky situation another case I would work with, is say you complete some " payday” loans online and you get victimized from outside parties that have bought off your information coming from these unsecure sites to cause you to pay for a thing you by no means had to start with. They call up you and let you know that you're staying sued for a loan you don't pay back, once in fact you most likely didn't acquire that financial loan to begin with. That they try to mislead you into thinking that your being sued to hand above money that you just never was required to start with. Which scary and this has occurred to me.

Third is Tertiary Victimization. Identified as the public while the patient. Best brief summary for this is usually crimes dedicated by the government, as opposed to businesses, are included here. Including when public officials embezzle funds or defraud the public. An example of this sort of victimization is definitely when an elected official who takes " trips or perhaps vacations” and writes them off...