Tribalism: The Real Enemy in Iraq Composition

Read the pursuing article " Tribalism is the real opponent in Iraq”

Answer the next questions

1 . Mcdougal argues that Islam is not the true foe in the war in iraq. Who he state is?

Mcdougal argues that Islam is not the actual barrier involving the Western pushes and the people of War, but only our variations in values and daily life, while using center of our differing ideologies being tribalism. 2 . What does the author identify as the main differences among East and West?

Mcdougal identifies the differences between East and Western world being the inherent standard ideologies. � He details Iraqi ideology as being content apocalyptic. 3. What are the five key attributes of tribalism as the writer says sociology has educated us? Clarify each.

The tribe has to have a boss. The tribe needs a leader to direct the people.

The tribe can be described as warrior; their foundation is definitely warrior take great pride in. These are individuals that see themselves as knights in battle of the Islamic crusade. The demand the respect of their people.

The tribe respects power. The tribe respects individuals who display their might, certainly not those who cower behind treaties and unaggressive communication.

Weight loss sell freedom to tribesmen any more than you may sell democracy. He does not want it. This violates his code. That threatens every thing he is short for. They believe which the land IS USUALLY theirs, that is certainly was given to them simply by god.

The tribe does not have honor other than within its very own sphere, deriving justice due to the own people. Its code is All of us versus All of them. The outsider is a gentile, an infidel, a satan. If you originated from the outside, you will not assimilate. four. What after that, from the author's perspective, is a solution to this distinctively distinct approach to cultural organization between East and the West? Do you really agree? Explain.

Though I think he includes a great point about our basic ideologies being several and Iraq in need of solid leader (or preferably a Stalin-esque dictator), he seems to be making almost archaic...