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COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE ESOL EXAMINATIONS English intended for Speakers of Other 'languages'



Sample Test

1 hour 20 minutes

Extra materials: Answer sheet Gentle clean eraser Soft pencil


1 hour 20 a few minutes

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Will not open this kind of booklet until you happen to be told to do this. Write your name, Centre number and prospect number for the answer bed sheet if they are certainly not already branded. There are 80 questions in this paper. Response all questions. Draw your answers on the individual answer bed sheet. Use a pen. You may create on the query paper, nevertheless, you must tag your answers in pencil for the answer linen. You will have simply no extra time for this, so you must finish in a single hour and twenty minutes. At the end from the test, hand in both the problem paper plus the answer linen. INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES Every single question with this paper bears one tag.


This kind of question conventional paper consists of 13 printed web pages and a few blank pages. ГЈUCLES 2004

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a couple of For queries 1-7, match the types of teachers' classroom language with their purpose listed A-H. Draw the correct notification (A-H) with your answer sheet. There is 1 extra choice which you does not have to use.

Teachers' classroom language


one particular

Listen, I like playing basketball, repeat everyone, I like playing football.

A checking understanding


Nancy – accumulate the books, please.

B emphasising word stress

C drilling three or more Tell me 3 adjectives you start with the notice ‘C'. M checking guidelines 4 Merely listen to the way i say this – taters. E monitoring 5 Alright, discuss it with your spouse now, please. F eliciting 6 Now i am really total, I've simply eaten a major lunch. Am I hungry today?

G arranging pair function


A few have a look. Certainly, that's great. Now try the next 1.

H nominating

3 For questions 8-16, match the examples of class language while using descriptions detailed A, M or C. Mark the proper letter (A, B or C) on your answer linen.

Descriptions A B C useful classroom language for learners vocabulary for doing offers language pertaining to classroom supervision routines

Class room language almost 8 9 12 11 doze 13 16 15 16 Can I borrow your pad, please? It can your team's turn. Whose turn is it to get the books today? Ould -? Red group and blue group, interact. Can I have a pair of scissors, please? Exactly what is the rating? Sorry Now i'm late. Practise in pairs. Miss a turn.

[Turn over

4 To get questions 17-21, read the subsequent instructions which a instructor used with mature elementary scholars. Some of these guidelines are problematic. Match the instructions together with the trainer's responses listed A-F. Mark the right letter (A-F) on your solution sheet. There exists one extra option that you simply do not need to make use of.

Instructions 17 18 nineteen 20 twenty-one Imagine you were in a shop therefore you had chosen to buy a few chocolates. So what do you think in ways? Read the textual content and identify the natural devices. Look at the text and underline every one of the verbs. You could start to just get in pairs or possibly a small group, if you appreciate, and discuss a few of the inquiries for a tiny bit? Weren't you listening? I actually said work out three. May waste my personal time!

Trainer's comments A B C D At the F This is certainly a clear instruction for mature elementary students. The sentence structure in this instructions is previously mentioned elementary level. Some adult students will dsicover this training rude. This kind of instruction is not well sequenced. This instruction will not tell pupils exactly what to do. Some of the lexis in this instruction is above elementary level.

5 Pertaining to questions 22-27, match the actual teacher has been doing with the purposes for using the students' initially language detailed A, M or C. Mark the best letter (A, B or perhaps C) with your answer sheet.

Purposes to get using the students' first dialect A W C Looking at Explaining types of procedures Motivating

The teacher is 22 23 24 25 26 twenty-seven asking pupils to show they may have understood how to handle it...