Texting and Driving Composition

Texting and Driving

Specific Purpose: To persuade my personal audience that texting and driving has become a huge national problem, and propose an insurance policy change to correct the situation

Thesis: Texting and driving is among the nations leading causes of car crashes. While there couple of laws essentially, people which text and drive need to be held more accountable. During your time on st. kitts is no simple solution, you will discover further methods that need to be done in order to ultimately resolve this issue.

Pattern of Organization: Problem/Cause/Solution


I. I'm going to call and make an assumption actual quick and say that from the 23 students in this class room, 70 percent people are doing a DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED. A. At this point, before ya'll awkwardly stare at me and shake your minds, let it always be known that: 1 . Through this statistic, I actually am certainly not talking about Traveling While Reduced or Drunk, but rather Driving a car While Intexicated. 2 . Relating to www.textinganddrivingsafety.com, in 2011, 23% of vehicle collisions involved cell phone use. B. I am a powerful believer that if something can be prevented, it should be. II. Texting and driving is something that can be 100 percent avoided; yet this topic has endless stats proving otherwise. A. This issue doesn't just involve young adults, this issue is definitely wide-spread which include adults M. As a result of this matter, people are having injured, vehicles are staying damaged, and in some cases, families happen to be losing loved ones. III. As a relatively youthful driver, I realize this issue on the day-to-day basis. A. I always knew this was a problem that needed mending, but it never really hit myself until I had a friend injured in a really bad vehicle accident by a pupil who was texting and generating. IV. While I've mentioned before, texting and traveling is one of the nations leading reasons behind car crashes. During your time on st. kitts are some laws in effect, persons whom text and travel need to be organised more dependable. While there is not a simple solution, there are further steps that need to be done in order to ultimately handle this issue. A. Texting and driven could be prevented, and instead of employing enforcement after the fact, we ought to be using preventative enforcement. W. While this can be a Countrywide issue, Let me lay out a plan that addresses the problems over a state level.

I will now type in the most important facets of this complicated issue and present an idea for instigating the necessary change.


I. There is certainly data all over the place suggesting that texting and driving can be dangerous and detrimental to the society. A. According into a fact by http://stoptextsstopwrecks.org/, In 2009, 5, 474 people were slain in U. S roads and around additional 448, 000 had been injured in motor vehicle damaged that were reported to have included distracted driving a car (2009, FARS and GES). 1 . Although that number may not seem stunning over the course of a year, it is when you remember that a few, 474 persons could be alive if someone would have put down their phone when driving. 2 . Distracted traveling endangers lifestyle and house and the current levels of harm and damage are unwanted B. Whenever you are out for a night out on the town, and decide to have an overabundance beers than expected, there will come a decision of if you want to risk the consequences of driving while impaired. 1 . This risk, in the event caught come with hefty penalties, community services, and even jail fines. 2 . Why does this instance of distracted whilst driving include such extreme reprimands when in reality text messaging and driving is just as harmful? C. According to the University of Utah, utilizing a cell phone although driving, be it handheld or hands-free, holdups hindrances impediments a driver's reactions just as much as having a blood alcohol attention at the legal limit of. 08 percent (2009, School of Utah).

1 ) It seems that the reality of the condition is that until there are stringent consequences regarding the issue of texting and driving, it is going to continue to continue to be the same.

2 . A study required for 2009, done by Car and Rider magazine shows...

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