Strong Family members Essay

Think Piece Assignment

Establish and talk about the differences between " Strong-Family Theory” plus the " Weak-Family Theory. ” How possess these theories influenced the manner in which Dark-colored families are viewed? Which in turn of the ideas would you support as valid interpretations in the African American family members today?

In line with the discussion that was held in class on 3/28/2013, the " Strong Family members Theory” is known as a family that has 2 parents, extremely rich, loyal, and still have great connection amongst one another. The class also said that a solid family recognizes their morals and beliefs, trust, traditions and family history and ancestors. We arranged that a strong family is developed on willpower and encouraging each other.

A " Poor Family” is actually a family which is a single father or mother household. A weak friends and family has a low income, falls short of education, and has poor parenting skills. A weakened family may also be defined with a family which has different views on religion. A few families have trouble because it is members happen to be in different made use of. This can place a strain about families mainly because they will dispute constantly, instead of agreeing to disagree.

Because of the " Family Theory”, many Dark-colored families are viewed within a negative way in contemporary society. The way that society is built today, it is typically anticipated for White wines to always be more superior to African Americans. Yet , this is not true. Because of the current economic loss, there are now more African Americans that are even more superior to White Americans.

As a result of mentality between the African American community, many Photography equipment Americans are in reality, intimidated by White-colored Americans. This kind of psychological accident was caused because of the method that blacks were cured many years ago. Blacks truly feel inferior to White because during the slave days, these were often degraded by White-colored Americans. The blacks had been constantly called horrible brands such as: Stupid, Nigger, Trash…etc. Because of this, blacks were forced to believe those untrue aspects...