Society’s Requirements vs . Home Essay

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Connie Smith

Ms. Wheeler

P6 AP Terminology

15 The spring 2013

Society's Standards versus Self

Everyone likes to think that they can be a unique person that is not controlled or perhaps influenced by simply society. Yet all societies, no matter what type, have criteria. People are what make up contemporary society, and they effect society's targets. But how do society's specifications influence a person's view of self and their actions? Specifications affect one's idea of do it yourself by giving 1 a succinct, pithy idea of what is the norm, and this view impacts the way one particular acts by influencing that you act some way in order to meet or go over those requirements even though it may possibly go against their very own true identification.

In every single society, requirements are present, in addition to many different standards and targets. Unfortunately, a number of these standards conflict and become what seems a never-ending issue for a person. Anzaldua, in her writing, explains her struggle of being " American” and getting " Hispanic. These diverse standards altered her view of self. She was so puzzled on whom she was, that your woman decided to only try and be what her mother or perhaps her university wanted her to be. So she at this point thought of their self as a Mexican speaking English or a north american speaking Spanish. Because of this look at, her actions changed. She tried staying less Asian at Smith 2

institution and required two presentation classes. Yet, at home and church she tried being more Hispanic and less The english language (Anzaldua, 44). Expectations altered her look at of do it yourself and her actions.

Cooper in his publishing, " A Clack of Tiny Sparks…” illustrates his struggle with him self. Cooper will not have had this hard struggle with his identity if society's standards had not affected him. To be gay was not extremely acceptable in his day and time, and he was aware about those expectations. This motivated his notion of self, and he thought of himself since an incomer. This view definitely influenced the way this individual acted. When one asked him in the event he was a " fag”, he tried out making him self less noticeable while...