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M Period- Hormone balance

13 Aug 2014

Significant Figures

Significant Digits

Utilized to show exactly how precisely a measurement was made

They are a function of the device being used to make the measurement With any way of measuring, round off your measure to the nearest half of the smallest device Numbers Tested are Significant

Any non-zero number is usually significant

Zeroes between 2 other significant figures can also be significant Zeroes at the END of the decimal (trailing zeroes) are significant Non-Significant

Zeroes that can come before every non-zero numbers are never significant Zeroes that can come after non-zero digits:

83, 000

Zeroes are non-significant

83, 500.

Zeroes will be significant because of decimal stage

83. 1000

Zeroes will be significant as a result of decimal stage

Operating with Significant Numbers

When we mathematically operate with numbers we can get answers that contain many more numbers than those we actually measured. We need to rounded our response off to reflect precisely the same level of assurance in our solution as we acquired with the steps we manufactured. Accurate or Precise?

Accuracy refers to just how close info are to one another

Are the in line with each other?

Significant Figures show confidence/precision

Reliability refers to how close data are to an acknowledged value

Error-difference between info point and accepted benefit

% error-as part of accepted value

Intercontinental System of Products (SI)

Bottom units (fundamental units)

Device measures basic concept that can't be broken into simpler principles Length, mass, temperature, period, etc . happen to be examples