School Dissertation


Isabel/Madam Ching, regarding 70 years old

Dolores, regarding 40 years old

Man in first love-making scene/Ernesto, about 50, afterwards 75, years old The men and ladies of Paradise Inferno

A Christ-like figure

Chorus members


A dimly lit space found at the center of the performance venue. Target audience members will be seated around this area.


Now and then


Almost everything is dark and silent.

A soft hum then fills the air. Occasions pass and the hum dies out out. A Hiligaynon roulade traditionally being sung during Lent in the province of Classic is observed next. This really is performed by chorus users who most enter slowly and gradually from the market area. Light comes from the lighted candles that they most carry.

Diyos namon did kaluoy

Ikaw ang amon nga Amay

Magbubuhat, Manunubos

kag Ginuo sa nga tanan.

Goodness of whim

You will be our Daddy

Creator, Messiah

and God.

Hesus, maluoy Ka social fear amon. Jesus, have whim on all of us.

Patawaron Mo kami. Reduce us.

Ang sala ginadumtan namon. We all ask forgiveness for the sins.

Dili na magliwat kami. We shall not commit them once again.

When they reach the edge in the performance space, the chorus members disseminate and block off it in a circle. They will place their very own candles on the ground and then ceremoniously sit facing center. The hum returns.

A darkish light then simply shines on an old female soundly sleeping on a rocking chair positioned at the center. Her soft

snores can be observed above the hum floating up.

Moments go and the sound fades away. The chorus members pray. Maghimaya ka, Maria Hail Mary

nga napuno ka sang grasya full of elegance

ang Ginuong Diyos yara sa imo. the Lord is with you.

Ginadayaw ka labi Blessed are you

sa mga babaye nga tanan over the world

kag ginadayaw man ang bunga and blessed is definitely the fruit

did imo tiyan nga si Hesus. of the womb Christ.

Santa Helen, iloy sang Diyos Ay Mary, mom of God

ig-ampo mo kami nga mga makasasala pray for people, sinners

niyan kag sa oras did amon ikamatay now and at the hour of our death Amen. Entendu.

Just before the prayer ends, the woman mumbles in her sleep. ISABEL No …

Leave …

Go …

Don't …

Leave …

Go …

The sound returns.

A faint beam of light discloses a clear cubicle within a corner just behind one particular section of the audience. Here, a male and a woman are making take pleasure in. The woman's moves appear worn out and rehearsed, like she has been doing the act for years. While going through the motions, she suddenly treatments her look at the outdated woman.

Annoyed, the old girl again mumbles in her sleep.


Go …

Can't …

Leave …

No …

Go …

Lights out on the scene as the person and the woman reach climax. The old woman suddenly stirs.

The hum dies out.

ISABEL Who is this?

Is that you, Ernesto?

Ernesto, are you residence already?

Wow, don't show me you're intoxicated again, Ernesto!


The chorus associates softly replicate the " Maghimaya ka, Maria”. Comforted, Isabel extends back to sleep. The hum earnings.

A faint ray of sunshine reveals one other transparent workplace. Again, precisely the same woman is usually making love, but for a different man. This time, she actually is the more dominating player and she reveals this by clearly dictating the tempo and by including a certain amount of ferocity into the action. As in the prior scene, your woman again treatments her stare at the older woman. Because her spouse reaches climax, she digs her sharpened nails into his backside thus attracting out faint traces of blood. Lights out on this scene.

Isabel again stirs.

The hum dies out.

ISABEL Who is that?

Ernesto, if that is you … announce your presence. Get yourself known! Wow, I must have left the windows open once again, Ernesto. Make sure you do us a favor and close all of them. We do not want the night wind roaming freely inside in this article, do we, Ernesto? Ernesto?

The chorus users again recite the " Maghimaya ka, Maria”. Now, however , Isabel foregoes sleep. Moments pass and the sound returns, a bit louder this time around. Another translucent cubicle is revealed. The woman is now performing an even more violent act with yet another person. She...