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The Constitution Of India 1949

Article 244 inside the Constitution Of India 1949

Article 275 in The Metabolism Of India 1949

Content 46 in The Constitution Of India 49

Article 342 in The Metabolism Of India 1949

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Constitutional Safeguards To get Tribals In India And Tribal... CONSTITUTIONAL SAFEGUARDS FOR TRIBALS



Dr . R. P. Rai*

India has a composite resin population. The Indian culture lacks homogeneity in sop for since there are present numerous spiritual, cultural and linguistic teams. There are Hindus, Muslims, Christians. Paris, Sikhs Buddhists, Jains and others. The pattern of culture vary from place to place. You will find Anglo Of india based on ethnic. religious and linguistic factors. Besides you will find sections of persons like the Timetabled Castes. The Scheduled People and other backward classes. Whom not only want protection from fermage but actually positive support from the condition for amerlioation of their gloomy lot. Could India started to be independent there were a demand coming from many of the sluggish sections of society for special provisions inside the Constitution for the benefit of sluggish sections depending on the guarantee that these areas had been socially and economically discriminated against during the Uk times and so special actions were required to help and improve the current condition of these people vis a am?iais the forwards


2 . The framers of the Constitution tried level best to protect the interest of the various community groups whether based on faith or vocabulary, culture or perhaps socio-economic factors so as to give them a sense of reliability. The timetabled tribes who. predominate in some areas of the region like the North-Eastern region. the large parts of Madhya Pradesh. Bihar. Orissa and certain parts of Gujrat and the hilly regions of most says are all those sections of the Indian 2. P. G. Department l\f Law & Research Center Govt. Capital t. R. S. (Autonomous) College Rewa (M. P. )

220 CENTRAL INI> IA Lt\. W 2003

populace who nonetheless live in their particular tribal ways and observe their own odd customs and cultural best practice rules. Their old fashioned way of Hvit'lg. nomadic habits. love intended for drink and dance, and habitation. in remote and inaccessible areas. less troubled by the forces of modernization, required special treatment in the framers of the Constitution to be able to improve their economic and sociable position. Therefore special provisions were for the development of these tribal groups made and so they were classified as timetabled. Now the care of us is usually how to maintain a balance that on the one hand that their personality is their very own culture is not worn away and on the other hand bring them in to the main stream of national life. It is of interest to briefly upon these kinds of provisions because the enforcement of these need special management arrangements. several. The framers of the Cosmetic were stressed to ensure the enhancement of the Timetabled Tribes. Document 46 epitomizing the coverage calls upon the state (Central & Point out government) in promoting with exceptional care the academic and monetary interests of Scheduled groupe and Planned tribes and protect them coming from social injustice and all varieties of exploitation. It really is comprehensive content comprising both development & regulatory capabilities.

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4. It is noteworthy that even procedures relating to fundamental rights had been qualified with 'reasonable...