Law Values In Nursing Essay

Ethics, Law and Health Care: LWS 101

Problem Solving Assignment

Honest Decision-Making Construction



1 . Martina's irrational conduct is limiting patient security and could result in legal effects of neglect and disciplinary action. 2 . Omar need to decide how to support Martina and whether to report her actions to authorities as well as the legal implications of this.

Individuals Involved:

Martina – L. N.

Omar – R. N.

People of Martina and Omar

Nurse Unit Manager



Code of Ethics for Nurses nationwide (2008)

AS OPPOSED TO 1 . one particular Nurses value quality medical care, are accountable for the decisions earning and accept their meaning and legal responsibilities in providing secure and proficient nursing treatment. Martina will need to recognise that she has certainly not provided safe and qualified nursing care as the lady failed to carry out routine medical tasks. The lady should be aware of the legal implications of declining to provide this kind of care.

VERSUS 1 . 2 Nurses actively participate in reducing risks.... Nursing staff question and where necessary report to a suitable authority breastfeeding and medical care they consider to be underhanded, unsafe, incompetent or unlawful VS 1 ) 3 Rns take steps to ensure not only they will but also their colleagues provide top quality nursing treatment Omar recognises that Martina's recent behaviour of being diverted, forgetful but not carrying out schedule tasks can pose dangers for patients she is breastfeeding. He is completely worried that he feels it required to intervene and carry out these obligations himself. Omar is taking steps to ensure his colleagues' patients are generally not at risk, although he also needs to ensure that Martina's distractions will be investigated or perhaps reported. Omar could be limiting his personal patient duties.

VS 2 . 3 Nursing staff respect and support their particular colleagues …in providing safe and top quality care. Omar is seeking to support Martina and his personal qualities are prompting him to cover up for her. This individual should somewhat take successful action more appropriate to specialist practices.

VS 4. 3 Healthcare professionals value the health of colleagues …... recognising that their co-workers also have physical and mental strengths and limitations. Omar recognises that Martina's physical and internal health is presently compromised, is concerned and is attempting to support her.

VS four. 1 Rns accept responsibility for self-care.

VS . 6th. 1 Nurses recognise and steer clear of situations wherever their potential... may be damaged. Martina will need to recognise that her personal circumstances happen to be impacting onto her ability to provide quality breastfeeding care and she ought to seek medical help pertaining to herself.

VERSUS 6. three or more Nurses work with their co-workers to create a lifestyle of security. Nurses see the detection of their own errors and risks or perhaps those of all their colleagues since opportunities pertaining to achieving a safer medical care system. By recognising that Martina's conduct is disguising risks with her patients and sending her home to get others, Omar can be temporarily placing safety initially. Martina understands her very own errors as she keeps saying the girl with sorry and should be performing a better job. Because that they both acknowledge that she gets a problem, virtually any actions used would be opportunities for attaining a traditions of safety.

VS six. 3 Nurses value honest management details …. This does not override the obligation nurses might have in reporting aspects of a colleague's professional practice giving affordable cause for matter.

Omar values Martina's right to protect private information. Although this individual does not want to pry he includes a responsibility and reasonable trigger to report her uncharacteristic and diverted behaviour.

Moral Principles (devised by Beauchamp & Childress (2001))

Non-maleficence: There is a likelihood of harm to patients. Omar is attempting to prevent this kind of by protecting for Martina but Martina needs to considercarefully what changes need to happen to allow her to take care of her responsibility to do zero harm down the road....

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