Recommendation Notice Essay

Lao Someones Democratic Republic

Peace Freedom Democracy Unity Prosperity


National College or university of Laos

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Social Performs and DevelopmentReg. No______________ Particular date: _________



To whom it may concern,

It truly is my great pleasure to create this letter of recommendation to you in support of Ms. Amphavanh XAYAVONG and her desire to seek further education for the Master's Plan at your School.

As a Brain of Department of Cultural Works and Development, I have had being aware of her for over four years. She was always an active participant in classes who listened eagerly and never hesitated to raise concerns. She has recently been a dedicated student who stands out among her peers for her ambition and enthusiasm. As a result of her travel and ambition, I was confident that she will continue in the top of her category and always display excellent academic overall performance. Ms. Amphavanh XAYAVONG have been an outstanding pupil, and I are delighted to encourage and assist her in pursuit of her goals. Studying in your school will help to offer her the various tools and the foreign experience which could remove any kind of barriers to future accomplishment. I have without doubt that Ms. Amphavanh XAYAVONG will efficiently complete her master's program, and further, We fully expect her to excel and stand at the top of her school. Therefore , I actually strongly recommend her for entry to your University. If you should require further information, make sure you do not think twice to contact me.

Prof. Bounxom SIHARATH

Mind of Division of Interpersonal Works and Development

Teachers of Social Sciences, National University of Laos

Vientiane Capital, Lao P. Deb. R

Email: [email protected] com

Tel: +85620-56883219

P. O Box 7322