Quantitative Phase 1 and 2 Essay

MBA 570 Research Questions Part 1 and 2

Section 1


Mysti Farris (See problem 1-19) is looking at raising the selling price of each and every cue to $50 rather than $40. If this is done while the costs remain the same, what would the brand new breakeven level be? What would the total revenue end up being at this breakeven point? (Given in difficulty 1-19: fc of 2400 and vc of 25)


Mysi Farris (see problem 1-19) believes that there is a high possibility that one hundred twenty pool cues can be marketed if the value is appropriately set. What selling price would cause the breakeven point to be a hundred and twenty? (Given in problem 1-19: fc of 2400 and vc of 25)


A couple of pioneeringup-and-coming business college students at point out university made a decision to put their particular education into practice simply by developing a coaching company for people who do buiness students. Although private tutoring was presented, it was identified that group tutoring just before tests inside the large figures classes can be most beneficial. The students rented a room close to grounds for three hundred for several hours. That they developed handouts based on earlier tests, and these handouts including color graphs expense $5 each. The guitar tutor was paid $25 per hour for a total of $75 for each tutoring session. a. if pupils are billed $20 to attend the period, how many students need to enroll intended for the company to break even? m. A to some extent smaller area is available pertaining to $200 for 3 hours. The company is definitely considering this possibility. How would this kind of affect the breakeven point?

Chapter 2


An urn contains almost eight red snacks, 10 green chips, and 2 light chips. A chip is usually drawn and replaced, after which a second nick drawn. What is the likelihood of: a. a light chip on the first bring?

b. A white processor chip on the first draw and a reddish on the second? c. Two green potato chips being attracted?

d. A red processor chip on the second, given that a white chip was attracted on the first?


A year ago, at northern manufacturing business, 200 persons had the common cold during the year. One hundred and fifty-five people...