Problem Solving Simulation Essay

Problem Solving Simulation


How did you interpret the challenge?

When I saw the problem, We first thought it was not going to be possible to solve. That means; that I would certainly not solve this challenge without more details. When I directed the kitten over initially the mouse and puppy did not fight by their selves. Then whenever I delivered the dog or perhaps mouse above, they would battle with the cat. I even thought about departing the kitten on the existing shore and trying to move the mouse and dog, and found that the kitty fought with them presently there on the existing shore. My personal thoughts in that case were that there had to be a strategy to this. I had developed a conceptual block and knew there was something else towards the problem that was not pointed out in the composing [ (Morris & Maisto, 2002) ]. What strategy did you use and how did you evaluate your progress? I actually used the heuristics, called means-end examination to solve the condition (Morris & Maisto, 2002). I knew the fact that cat, mouse button, and dog where on a single shore range and the end result of the trouble was each of them needed to be one the other side of the coin shore. I also thought about the problem of fighting between the animals. Your dog only arguements with the cat, but not the mouse. The mouse just fights together with the cat, although not the dog. The largest problem was your cat, since it fought with either your dog or mouse button. I then thought that if I can only keep the feline alone without the dog or mouse, I really could solve the challenge, so I dispatched the cat over 1st, and came back for your dog. I took the dog over and brought the cat back in the existing shore. Next I actually took the mouse over to join the dog and then delivered to get the feline. Finally I took the cat once again to join other animals. Looking at the problem I actually evaluated my own progress while very very good. I looked at the case in point, eliminated the incorrect or most basic ideas and after that looked for creative methods to solve the condition. Did you encounter any kind of obstacles when solving the condition?

The only obstacles My spouse and i encountered had been a mental block [...

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