Computers Produce Us Lazy Essay

When ever presented with a number of claims in the formal essay newspaper of my English mock exam, one in particular was out: " The Digital Age is making us mentally and physically lazy. ” It looked like far more interesting than the different standard themes, sport, politics, national pride, obesity, cyber-bullying, and more sport. None of which I really felt I could come up with, yet by itself complete a full essay within just the half an hour I had invested in the article. Despite the single range scrawled on my planning sheet, my topic really got me thinking. Spending the amount of time I actually do on the computer, I have pretty solid views on this kind of subject. The digital age can be making all of us lazy?

Literally; yes, I couldn't concur more. In years absent past, seeing a film would have involved walking to the cinema, but thanks to the technology today, there is almost no need. Why would you, once at the mouse click, the film can be immediately streamed to the viewer's selection of device? Whether it is an iPod, laptop, cell-phone, minimal hard work is needed. Also, with the rates and programs of lightweight cellular telecommunications devices falling in price, one can possibly be connected using their " bestmate” with a singly thumb-movement. I possibly could be incredibly " old fashioned” and say that before, keeping connected involved exercise and walking around to your friends house, nevertheless no, one particular still had to get up and walk to use the landline telephone inside the hallway, ahead of cell-phones delivered them as well as the effort involved pointless. Regarding mentally sluggish, I have to differ. Young people are often becoming more and more up to date, thanks to the power of the internet. To ensure this to take place, their brains would need to end up being engaged. Digital devices produce our lives easier, but they will not erase the need to think. When technology solves many challenges, it also produces new ones. Ones that rely on your element to get solutions.

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