Part one: the thunderstorm Essay

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Part One particular: The Storm

" The Storm: Damage and Tragedy": Answer the subsequent questions as you may view the PBS video excerpt " Damage and Misfortune. " 1 ) According to Frontline, what problems were caused by the subsequent groups: oThe Local and state representatives?

The Local and state representatives had did not plan.

oThe U. S i9000. military?

The U. T. military got waited too long.


FEMA was terribly led.

oThe Government?

The government was indifferent to victims who had been mostly poor and black. 2 . For what reason was the Louisiana National Shield unable to help?

At the hq of the Louisiana National Safeguard, located in the bottom 9th ward, the troops were not however aware that the canal levees were providing way. The Guard's commander was monitoring the situation by Baton Rouge. He was given misleading details. 3. For what reason were rescue efforts affected in the initially 24 hours?

We were holding hampered inside the first one day because they will spent most of the 24 hours saving themselves. 300 soldiers had been trapped inside the headquarters, they had lost power, back-up power generators were inundated, the marketing and sales communications center was useless, and lost 15 high-water pickup trucks with cellular communications packages. Across town, law enforcement headquarters was also beneath water. Just three quarters in the force came along for responsibility. 4. What were the Mayor's obligations prior to the storm? The Mayor's responsibilities before the hurricane was going to stock the shelters with enough meals and normal water and to mobilize city and school buses for evacuation. Five hundred were flooded if the levees pennyless. 5. In which were condition and local officials during the post occurences of Katrina? Why was this a problem? 80 miles away at the state capital during the consequences of Katrina. This was a problem because they were doing not find out about the level of the harm and were unable to help. six. What had been the experts pointing out while trouble together with the governor of Louisiana? Someone said the texas chief of Louisiana was unsuspecting and...