Palliative Proper care Association Essay


This kind of client technique proposal is developed to get Palliative Attention Association Miri (PCAM) while using recommended strategies to overcome the difficulties and challenges that at present faced by organization. The important thing issues and challenges include lack of volunteers, limited funds and low awareness by Miri community as well as vehicles and accommodation problem. PCAM is a nonprofit organization which in turn works together with the Palliative Care Device and Center in Miri General Clinic. PCAM was established in August 2005 by Dr . Mieckie. Initially, it had been established as Palliative Care Home Program (PCHP) below National Cancers Society Malaysia (NCSM) to become PCAM in January 08. PCAM is currently located in the Miri General Hospital. PCAM has two components which are Home Care Programme and Day Care Center. The main aim of House Care System is to present quality palliative care and support to terminally sick patients and the family at home who have living in or around Miri. Although, Day Care Hub is to offer social support and improve mental well being of the patient and to help in rehab of the sufferer as well as to present respite pertaining to patient's friends and family. Currently, PCAM has a management committee and two full time nurses. Last but not least, this proposal will describe about the main element issues and challenges encountered by PCAM, follow by the target market, exploration strategies and campaign tactics. Then, this of the advertising campaign strategies can be clearly summarized in this proposal and the rendering timeframe is additionally included at the conclusion of the proposal. Target Market

Environmentally conscious consumer

Pollution or poor environmental quality may lead to improve the likelihood of persons having disease such as malignancy (Dixit, Sarma and Davim 2012, 5). Environmentally conscious consumer can be also known as ‘Green consumers', who recognize that they currently live in a time of environmental crisis. They likewise have an image penalized active. A...

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