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Use the chart below to outline the characteristics from the different types of educational institutions in relation to college governance and educational stages. Contain curriculum frameworks and post 16 alternatives for young people and adults. School Classification



This can be gardening shop, primary, exceptional, secondary or Grammar colleges, Which are controlled by a Table Of Governors and Employing Authorities (ELBS). All these universities are funded by the five ELBs through the schools Board of Governors. Primary and secondary colleges consist of transferors which are largely the simple churches, and representatives of fogeys, teachers and ELBs. Baby room, grammar and special college Boards of Governors contain parents, professors and ELB representatives along with PARA governors.

Voluntary preserved

Maintained universities are underneath the management with the Board of Governors plus the Employing Authority is the Authorities for Catholic Maintained Universities (CCMS). These kinds of schools are nursery, principal, special and secondary. Non-reflex maintained universities are been able by Boards of Governors nominated simply by trustees, who have are mainly both roman catholic along with parents, teachers and ELB associates.

Voluntary non-maintained

Voluntary non- maintained are funded simply by central govt via the regional authority, , nor charge service fees to students. This means that they can be a kind of preserved school. Students attending a non-maintained college follow the Countrywide Curriculum. A charitable groundwork usually owns the terrain and building where the educational institutions are positioned. The Local Education Authority engages the school's staff and has main responsibility intended for the school's admission preparations.


This really is both a protestant and catholic college. They want to help to improve their knowledge of one another, nationalities, religions and...