of rats and men Essay

With this passage, how exactly does Steinbeck present Crooks? Send closely towards the passage inside your answer.

From this passing we can learn a great deal regarding Crooks, throughout the many way in which Steinbeck presents him. Through the brief description at the start, Priestly presents Thieves as a literate and intelligent man, proven through his large number of books, together with a ‘ mauled copy in the California code for 1905'. Here Priestly is demonstrating that not just is Thieves aware of his rights as a black gentleman but the method the publication being described as ‘mauled' suggests that Crook's regularly reads this kind of document which could suggest that also this is his preferred possession as he holds that close to him because knowing his privileges ironically gives him small freedom. The limited possession's this individual owns are important to him, regardless of the reality he owns so little. Nevertheless despite owning what this individual has he is still seperated to the back of the stables which makes him extremely possessive and he guards his space, fiercely requiring that people held their range if this individual did as well.

In the passage Steinbeck describes Crook's as a ‘proud aloof man' which appears ironic for somebody who owns so very little. His pleasure may come in the fact that this individual has no dreams and no confusion on a ‘fair life' which usually enables him to have the durability to get through your life and this means that nobody can hurt him. Steinbeck says Crook's physique was twisted over to the left by simply his crooked spine, the clear reference to his name and disability after which goes on to state ‘His slim face was lined with deep dark-colored wrinkles and he had slim, pain-tightened lips' which leads us to suggest that he had spent his whole life being completely outclassed by pain- the soreness of being the only black guy on a farm full of white people arriving and occurring their own freewill and the pain of having a ‘crooked' back again. The information of ‘lined with deep black wrinkles' and ‘pain-tightened lips' Steinbeck makes the audience sympathise to get the soreness Crooks...