NT2670 Midtern Questions Composition


What role permits users operating at an additional computer on the company network, or around the internet, to establish a connection to a server and open a software or computer system session right now there? Terminal Services

What Windows Hardware 2008 installation option is actually a stripped-down type of the procedure system? Machine Core

When a consumer runs a credit card applicatoin on a port server, what resources will the application employ? The Fatal Server's solutions

A complete installation of a computer that operates in a computer software environment emulating a physical computer system. Virtual Machine

Exactly what are the number of tasks a Windows Server 2008 computer support? Depends on the pc's hardware configuration, hardware requirements for a role, and the size of the organization An MMC system that provides a multitude of00 the most widely used windows Server 2008 supervision tools. Hardware Manager

A utility providing you with a control prompt replacement for Server director and can be accustomed to install jobs and features from intrigue or group files. ServerManagerCmd. exe

A role contained in Windows Storage space 2008 which will enables you to conduct unattended installs of Home windows Server 08, and other OPERATING-SYSTEM, on distant computers employing network-based boot and set up media. Windows Deployment Providers (WDS)

You must activate Windows Hardware 2008 pcs within how many days of putting in them? 90

The Add Tasks Wizard gives roles that fall into 3 basic groups: directory providers, Application solutions, and what else? Infrastructure services

What listing enables you to make use of a web site to write files located anywhere for the network? Network Directories

What effectively identifies the HTTP binding options available? IP Address, MAC Address, Host Header

What component manages the ask for pipeline, the server's program pools, as well as the worker procedures running in the them? Glass windows Process Account activation Service (WPAS)

The first default filename for the net.

Index. html

What function service permits administrators to control which type of error webpage the machine should employ and designate alternatives to IIS7's preconfigured custom error pages? CODE errors

When IIS7 receives an HTTP ask for containing a URL with no filename, and non-e with the default record filenames leave in the specified folder, the internet server has two alternatives: it can generate an error, or perhaps it can __________. Display the IIS7 webpage

HTTP Logging is one of the role companies that Glass windows Server 2008 installs automatically with Web Server IIS role. (T/F) True

When IIS7 generates a 404 error, it sends a ______ error webpage, in response to local requests, and a _______ mistake page intended for requests received from other computer systems. custom; in depth

What can FTP7 use to encrypt its authentication traffic prior to transmission? SSL

By default, when a consumer first attaches to an FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL server, the server transfers ______. unknown user data

What is the most protected of the classic challenge/response authentication methods maintained IIS7? Glass windows Authentication

Which authentication protocol is integrated into an IIS7 unit installation by default? Glass windows Authentication

What identifies what clients are able to do on the Web site following the server features authenticated them? Authorization Guidelines

The confirming a user's personality, usually by simply requiring the user to supply some kind of token, such as a security password or a qualification, is called? Authentication

To restrict Web site of FTP access to specific personal computers or companies, you can create a list of __________ and ______ to which the server is going to grant or deny access. IP Tackles and Domains

What HTTP problem is exhibited if all of the authentication methods fail, such as an improperly configured web page with no strategies enabled? 401. 2

Web servers use slot number ___ by default as well as the default dock number for an SSL connection is definitely ___. 80; 443

What are digital certificates known as that are issued by...