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Standard Surgery Procedures II & III

Operation of Lipoma- The surgical removal of a oily tumor

Femoral herniorrhaphy- A musculofascial defect in the visage through the femoral canal. Fissure/Fistula Repair- A repair of a tear or perhaps opening in the anal cacera. A portion of the muscle is usually removed to ease pressure. Incision and Draining of an Abcess- Surgical release of solid waste fluid from a enclosed tissue space in the body. A great incision is created, and virtually any necrotic muscle is taken off. The twisted is irrigated, loosely crammed and remaining open to cure. If necessary, a drain can be inserted. Incisional Herniorrhaphy- (Aka ventral hernia) Where fat or viscera may protrude through the scratch of a earlier abdominal medical site. Inguinal Herniorrhaphy- The repair of your protrusion of abdominal items through the inguinal canal. Insertion of Insfusion Cathethers/Ports- To get into blood vessels to get drawing blood or delivering drugs/nutrients quickly and effectively, a catheter is inserted right into a vein, and connected to a port, which can be inserted within the skin. This is certainly performed intended for patients who will be going through extensive treatments in oncology or hemodialysis. Liver Biopsy- A evaluation where a tiny piece of the liver can be removed for examination. -------------------------------------------------

Muscle Biopsy- Excision of any specific portion of muscle tissue is usually removed pertaining to examination. Open up Appendectomy- Treatment for appendicitis: The removal of the appendix. A great incision is created Patient is definitely supine, skin area is prepped from inside-out- from nipple to upper leg. Pilonidal Cystectomy- The surgical removal of a pilonidal cyst(an abcess near the originel cleft in the buttocks). Individual is in jackknife position. Epidermis is prepped from exterior, in. Rectal Polypectomy- Removing rectal polyps. Patient with the jackknife position, Prepped from inside out. Spigeliain Herniorrhaphy- A protrusion of any peritoneal longchamp, organ, or preperitoneal fat through a congenital or attained defect inside the...