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 Inspector Calls Revising Notes

Pull a spider diagram/bullet details for each crucial character



Mrs Birling

Demands respect


A drunk

Sheila Gerald Inspector Open minded Very wealthy Manipulative

Consider the: Chain of incidents


The perform is set in 1912.

It will take place in the opulent dining area of the Birling residence. The Birling family is celebrating the engagement of Sheila to the wealthy/upper class Gerald Croft. Mr Birling seems more interested in the ‘business' side of the engagement. How can this support ‘Birling and Co. '? Dramatic irony is created through Birling's presentation relating to the war plus the Titanic. The discussion about: ‘there won't be a war' may well suggest that every he is enthusiastic about is his business – self-centred. Is usually Eva Jones an extended metaphor for the fact that Upper Class/ Middle School treat the working class? String of situations (actions and consequences)

Inspector: ‘She'd been taken presently there this afternoon because she'd swallowed a lot of strong medical disinfectant. Burnt her inside out, naturally. ' Pg 11 Eric (his reaction to Eva's death): ‘My God! ' Pg 11

Mr Birling: ‘... we've been modestly celebrating his [Gerald] engagement to my girl, Sheila. ' Pg 13 Mr Birling (to Eric): ‘You've experienced enough of that port. ' Pg 13 Eva Jones demanding more cash is a metaphor for the working class looking to better themselves. Gerald (backing up Birling's choice to sack Eva): ‘You could hardly have done anything else'. Pg 15 Rich people staying together

Mr Birling: ‘If you don't reduced sharply, that they had soon always be asking the earth' Pg 15 Keeping the proletariat within their place

Mister Birling (about Constable Roberts): ‘... I actually ought to notify you, he's an old friend i have... ' Pg 16 We learn that Eva Johnson was twenty four and ‘pretty' Pg 18

Sheila: ‘You talk as though we were dependable. ' Pg 18

Inspector: ‘Like a whole lot of young women the girl used multiple name. ' Pg nineteen Sheila: ‘These girls usually are cheap work – they're people. ' Pg 19 Inspector: ‘one line of query at a time. ' Pg twenty-two

Eric: ‘I've had a couple of drinks, including rather a whole lot of champagne. ' Pg 22 Inspector: ‘If most likely easy beside me, I'm easy with you. ' Pg twenty-two Inspector won't know where you can draw the line between people and scammers. Sheila: ‘I felt ruined about it at that time and now I feel a lot a whole lot worse. ' Pg 22 Sheila: ‘I'm looking to tell the reality. ' Pg 22

Inspector is persuasion Sheila in to admitting your woman was envious of Eva Pg twenty-four Sheila: ‘... he knows. Of course he knows. And i also hate to consider how much this individual knows that we all don't know but. ' Pg 26 Gerald tries to retain his affair from Sheila. Pg 28

Inspector stays up for Sheila – she has the right to notice the request Pg twenty eight Inspector: ‘If there's nothing more, we'll have to share the guilt. ' Pg 29 Mrs Birling: ‘You manage to have made a great impression with this child, Inspector. ' Pg 30 Inspector: ‘We often do within the young ones. They're more impressionable. ' Pg 30 Mrs Birling: ‘Girls of that class—' Pg 40

Mrs Birling: ‘That – I consider – can be described as trifle pampig (umgangssprachlich), Inspector. ' Pg 30 Mrs Birling: (about Eric) ‘He's just a boy. ' Pg thirty-two

Mrs Birling remains oblivious to Eric's having (or pretends to) Mr Birling: (to Inspector) ‘I don't like the tone... ' Pg 33 Sheila: ‘No, he's offering us the rope – so that most of us hang themselves. ' Pg 33 Gerald (about Daisy's reaction to him ending their particular affair): ‘Better than I'd hoped. The girl was – very gallant – regarding it. ' Pg 38 Gerald (about just how Daisy felt during their affair): ‘She told me she'd recently been happier than she'd have you ever been before. ' Pg 39 Sheila (about Gerald): ‘I don't hate you as I did around 30 minutes ago. ' Mrs Birling (about her charity): ‘We've done a great deal of useful operate helping suitable cases. ' Pg 42 Mrs Birling (about Eva/Daisy): ‘I didn't like her manner. ' Pg forty-four Mrs Birling: ‘If he refused to...