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Malia Morgan

AP Government/Period a couple of

17 November 2012

Is the Media Biased?

What is mass media bias? Media bias is a one-sided perspective of the tv producers and media of the reports. I believe that major broadcasts and newspaper publishers can be prejudiced because the opinions of media and newscasters can impact the way persons view data based on just how it is provided. If we basic our thoughts about what's reported in the multimedia, it can have an effect on our perspective on national and global issues. As I observed information broadcasts between FOX and CNN, We've noticed that SIBEL seems to have a more conservative perspective while CNN and other news broadcasts have got a more generous or balanced way of confirming the news. Certainly one of my observations between SIBEL and CNN was how they reported the CIA scandal of Basic Petraeus. SIBEL news appears to place even more emphasis on the White Property knowing about the scandal but covering it up before the election was over. They will show bias towards the His party Party and seem to illustrate favoritism toward their own political opinions. CNN focused more on the relationship between General Petraeus and Paula Broadwell and exactly how the FBI began it is investigation. One other national concern where there is apparently bias inside the reporting was Hurricane Sandy. FOX news analysts felt like White House should have received more critique on the response of Soft sand, as the Bush administration did to get Hurricane Katrina. CNN centered more in interviewing subjects of Sandy that were affected in this catastrophe. CNN likewise questioned a lot of people around the response in the Red Cross assistance. The entire goal of media outlets is to create revenue and increase audiences, but being bias can sometimes hurt all those goals. Press in the formatting of television set, radio, newspaper publishers, and also the net, are in the industry of featuring information and also entertaining viewers, readers, and listeners. The facts of the matter is... Goldberg says " there is no increased sin than to weary the...

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