Math Poetry Essay

Math Poetry

Sammy Sq .

Sammy Sq . is my personal name

My 4 edges are just precisely the same

Turn me personally around, I actually don't attention

I'm always the same, I am just a rectangular! В

Danny Diamond

We am Danny Diamond

I actually am like a kite

But I'm seriously just a sq

Who's corners are drawn tight

Ricky Rectangle

Ricky rectangle is my term

My four sides won't be the same

2 are short and 2 are long

Depend my sides, come along


Ollie Oval

I i am Ollie Oblong

A soccer shape can be mine

A lot of people think that Now i'm an egg

Nevertheless I think I look excellent!

Tommy Triangular

Tommy triangular is the name for me.

Tap my own sides 1, 2, three or more.

Harry Cardiovascular

Harry Cardiovascular is my own name

The design I make is my personal fame

Which has a point at the bottom

And two humps at the top

When it comes to like

I just cannot stop!

Produce A Triangle

(tune: 3 Blind Mice)

One, two, three; a single, two, three

Do you observe? Do you discover?

Up the hill and to the very best

Down the hill--and then you end

Straight around; tell me what not got?

A triangle--a triangle! В

Generate A Rectangular

(tune: Spark, Twinkle)

From the bottom to the best

Straight around and then you stop

Downward to the bottom level again

Across and stop to began

In the event the lines are exactly the same size

Then the square is you surprise.

Math Songs

Help to make A Group

(tune: Pop Goes the Weasel)

Circular and circular on the paper I get

What entertaining to go around like so

What have I actually made, do you know?

I made a ring!

What Form Is This?

(Song - Sung to The Muffin Man)

Did you know what condition this is? В

What form this is, what shape this can be?

Do you know what shape this can be,

I'm keeping in my hand?


(Sung to Are You Sleeping? )В

This is a square, this can be a rectangular

How can you notify? How can you tell?

It has four sides, all the same size

2 weeks . square; 2 weeks . square

This is a circle, this is a circle

How could you tell? How could you tell?

This goes rounded and circular, no end can be found

It's a circle; it's a circle

This is a triangle, this is certainly a triangle

How can you inform? How...