March On Selma Dissertation

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March On Selma

Kenneth Rutherford II

PHI 103 Mentor Myers


The issue at hand is a marching from Selma to Montgomery The state of alabama that Chief executive Truman deemed to to be silly, basically being one of the most powerful marches at any time demonstrated in the civil legal rights movement. Although there was loss of life involved this is behind the march, is at fact the higher cause. Doctor Martin Luther King Junior. was a gentleman of non-violence and the strongest part of this interview was " unfair, unjustified, unwarranted suffering is usually redemptive”. That stuff seriously with this kind of saying Doctor King is definitely stating that although there was death, the death offered an overall higher cause, and that is civil legal rights for all American's.

The Selma exhibition was to get the voting rights costs, but the demonstration as a whole was addressing all the existing problems with racism and non detrimental rights in the state of Alabama. Dr . King amongst many others experienced that the state of Alabama and its regulations were humiliating as well as awkward and felt that enough was enough, and that some thing had to be performed. In The state of alabama at the time there had been various racial motivated killings, bombings, and brutalities. The drive was a exhibition against all those acts of violence in Alabama. " It was a two fold 03 aimed at aiming to rectify situations of The state of alabama and show the evils that are deeply engulfed for the reason that state”.

My location is standing behind Doctor King and what the 03 on Selma stood intended for. In times that things are not equal, he did the proper thing simply by protesting within a non-violent approach. Being of African American history and getting raised at home where I was taught to become myself regardless of what, I could not really imagine moving into a time if the color of your skin layer was regarded a sin. I feel that anyone that tested the days, in which these people were living, not simply symbolized those of a leading man, but also is the epitome of brave. It wasn't simply a black factor either; there were people like minister Wayne Reeb a white Unitarian Minister who had been lynched by other white wines in regards to this demonstration. The main issue at hand was voting rights, but I believe this 03 was in general symbolic in all of body of creating equal municipal rights. The media was very dedicated to the loss of life that took place after the demonstration, but shed little mild on the main issue and the particular death was standing for. Selma was about given that there are issues at hand that need to be addressed, the folks that are victims of the injustices will demonstrate to bring individuals injustices to dialogue. Marches in this time had been a way of dealing with the issues headfirst and declaring we will not symbolize them and something needs to be done about them.




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