Live Like a Dog, Alone Research Newspaper


1 . Provide a summary of " Live Like a Dog, Alone"

The short account is about two persons, who both live alone. Miriam is a middle-aged single woman. She has a great career with no children. Although her cardiovascular system is dysfunctional, and therefore she sometimes has to go to the hospital. The story is placed inside a taxi cab, which is driving Miriam home after a go to at the clinic. The cab driver and Miriam reveals. Not in the usual well mannered way of interactions between drivers and consumers, but rather than the drivers personal life. He seems quite depressed and unhappy together with his life. He tells Miriam how he feels about living alone great thoughts about it collides with the way Miriam feels. Throughout the ride, the two persons receive aware of their different perspectives on their, in some level, similar life. That will somehow broaden their perimetre, and gives them a new understanding about the way they and other persons live.

2 . Define Miriam as well as the way your woman lives

Miriam is a female who lives alone, without husband and children. This wounderful woman has been committed once, nevertheless they didn't receive any kids. She has an excellent career, as I see it she is some kind of doctor or consultant in pressure. Ironically, she is very pressured herself. That affects that she has to go to the hospital exactly where her center is ended and then started over again. I believe that the lady basically is usually happy about her existence, even though she lives only. She believes it displays independence and strength, which both seems to be admirable characteristics in our traditions. But as well I think that she occasionally is very disappointed. I think that she regrets that the girl never experienced children, but she will not admit it, not even to himself. She greatly wants other folks to just like her and she thinks that she gets a big responsibility for other's wellbeing. Among the that is at first of the account. She has simply been to a healthcare facility and should be quite exhausted. I think that folks under...