Life Span Development In Sweet Dynasty Composition

п»їAs we discovered in Section 1, studies have been the factor in the field of lifespan advancement. В This kind of assignment will assist you to conduct analysis in order to connect what we happen to be learning in the lecture with what the truth is on a daily basis. В For this job, I want you to pick a reality television show that includes a child or perhaps adolescent being a main figure (Honey Boo Boo, Move Mom's, Teen Mom, etc . ). В Watch the show and make findings regarding the character's physical, cognitive and socio-emotional characteristics and behaviors. В В

The character should be possibly 4-6 years of age or 12-16 years of age (pick one).  Take paperwork that will help you develop a 2-page paper (double spaced) regarding what you observed.  Be sure to give you the name of the character and television show you watched.  I are looking for one to be able to identify the physical/biological, socio-emotional and cognitive behaviours you see displayed by the child/teenager you will be observing.  Also, we have discussed a lot of biological processes such as labor that you might see (i. at the. watching Young Mom).  Some physical traits may well include Elevation, weight, coordination, alertness, have they started puberty?  In addition , be sure to discuss and make clear any malocclusions (i. elizabeth. is the kid overweight).  If you do focus on a concern, make sure to reference the text.  Socio-emotional observations might include general expression of feelings and communications with children/teens in their age group or loved ones.  Cognitively, can they express ideas obviously?  In case it is a child, perform they appear to developing in the " normal” ranges talked about in class?  Try to make connections with a few of the theories and ideas we talked about in class (i. e. Piaget, Nature as opposed to Nurture, Freud, Prenatal Expansion, Brain Expansion, etc . )

I chose to see Sadie Robertson from the fact show, Sweet Dynasty. Sweet Dynasty is actually a show aimed at one friends and family, The Robertson's, who became famous and wealthy via a...