Leadership Ethics Essay

Leadership Ethics: Faith based Beliefs, Meaning Philosophies, and Doing the proper Thing Taffie Evans Schmidt

Chamberlain University of Medical

NR504: Leadership and Nursing jobs Practice: Part Development

Summer time 2013

Leadership Ethics: Religious Beliefs, Meaningful Philosophies, and Doing the best Thing

When the decision was created to become a nurse, there is a code of values in place that they agree to adhere to (ANA, 2001). The Rn who shows leadership and ethics areas their own personal and spiritual beliefs besides to do what is truly great for the outcomes of those they serve. As a institution nurse, the obligation to keep the students safe and healthy should and often does come first and foremost. Therapies abstinence, even though necessary, will not likely stop young adults from having sexual intercourse and it will not instruct them to try to avoid sexually sent diseases and unplanned pregnancies. Those vested with the into the welfare of our young people must teach these people how to utilize condoms to shield themselves against unwanted pregnancies and contacting sexually transmitted diseases, (STDs). It is well-known that Catholics do not work with birth control in any way; this includes the utilization of condoms. STD's and unplanned pregnancies are viewed as effects to your sins. If the school registered nurse is also a devout Catholic, issues encircling teens, sexual intercourse, and birth control can cause meaningful distress and make the registered nurse question the actions they may have taken. It had been learned in week 4 that " Actions are just ethical in the event motivated with a duty to perform the right thing” (CCN, 2013). What IS the ideal thing to do? Young adults, Sexually Sent Diseases, & Abstinence

You will find nineteen , 000, 000 new circumstances of microbial and virus-like cases of sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed in the United States each year and 50% of these circumstances are diagnosed in adolescent males and females and most case studies focus on continence or around the use of condoms (Akers,...

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