Law Workplace Management Article

PLA 2673 – Law Office Management

Safeguarding the Client and the Law Firm.

Client Files

• There are numerous factors in lawyers regarding customer files: - Electronic & Paper Storage area. - Submitting System (identification) - Corporation

There is no 1 " perfect” procedure or perhaps style that is suitable for every law firms.

Electronic digital and Newspaper Records Retention

• A paper and electronic data retention coverage should be a law office need. • Information retention policies can be hard to adopt and implement. • The Association of Documents Managers and Administrators, Incorporation. is a professional non-profit association with a lot of helpful information about the subject of data retention. www.arma.org

Security Considerations

• Retain paper data files locked in secure document cabinet. • Restrict electronic file use of documents with passwords known only to authorized users. • Electronic encryption protections and secure internet connection to prevent outside the house unauthorized network access – utilize a " firewall. ”

User-Level Reliability

• Microsoft Access has " User-Level Security” – a repository administrator may grant individual users or a group of users specific permissions to files. • Underneath user-level reliability, users type a username and password when they available the document where every user is identified by a unique identification code.

Honest Considerations

• " Honest Walls” – a necessary limitation on use of information about a case or consumer.

• The length of time does the office keep a client's document? Model Guideline 1 . 16(d) states " …The attorney may keep papers concerning the client for the extent acceptable by different law. "

More Moral Considerations

The Law Office includes a duty to Client: *Model Code DOCTOR 2-110(A)(2) gives that: " … an attorney shall not take away from career until he has… delivered to the client most papers and property that the client can be entitled and complying with applicable laws and rules. "

• State Honest Rules vary from state to state....