Womens Roles Essay

No longer do women seated at home, handling the house and looking after the children. Today women have been offered bigger part to play inside the society. They are really entrusted with more responsibility than their men counterparts. Previous in the olden days, ladies use to sit at home detached from the outside community. They use to deal with the home and appear after children. They were devoid from the responsibility of earning salary for the family, giving it entirely to their male counterparts. The responsibility of earning income for the family was left to males.

Together with the advent of industrialization and technical development, the lifestyles of human beings begun to change. The needs of human beings started to multiply. In addition to basic facilities, man aspired for advanced life. This shift to modern living started to indicate in the life-style of man. In this process, women little by little started to maneuver outside home. Women attacked education in equal terms with men and with this girls literacy price В increased tremendously. Therefore, women slowly and gradually started to take part in all areas. В Ladies started to think independently and participated equally in the outside universe along with their male counterparts.. Gradually and steadily discriminating ladies on the basis of male or female diminished, while women won applauds out of all fields of life which includes politics, athletics and even in defence services.

As the times have changed, along with that В standard of В living В has undergone drastic transformation. В Needs of human beings include multiplied and this В process making substantial salary for maintaining a decent life has become the highest priority. While using changed instances the function of women is now so important in the society. Intended for matching this standard of living and leading a dignified your life, it became certain for men and women to collect.

Today women have been completely given greater role to experience in the culture. They are trusted with more...