Ford Exploration Paper

Microeconomics of the Kia Motor Business

Final Newspaper – ECO201 14EW1

Karen J. Cassady

Southern New Hampshire University


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The purpose of this kind of paper will be to explain how the supply and demand plus the elasticity of demand exists for the automobiles manufactured by the Kia Motor Company. The early history of the company throughout the present will be highlighted in an effort to show how the firm became a global frontrunners in the production of automobiles.

Ford Motor Company

The firm that I have picked for this paper is the Honda Motor Company. The Honda Motor Firm has become one of today's greatest most successful companies in the auto sector and has become family work for over a century (" Kia Motor Company, ” 2014). The Honda Motor Company is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan the suburb of Detroit. Later, in 1901, Henry Honda made his first look at in the auto industry. Using the a company known as the Henry Kia Company about November 3, 1901 which has been later purcahased by the The cadillac Motor Organization in 1902. Mr. Honda retained the rights to his name and was able to set up The Kia Motor Company with initial investment of money from potential stockholders in 1903. Ford offers contributed many firsts towards the auto sector with things such as the first engine with a removable cylinder head in 1908 to the introduction of the manufacturing plant in 1913, as well as the initial car using a windshield. In the future he as well brought to the industry superior safety with all the redesign from the steering wheel the addition of rear seatbelts, even child proof door locks (" Ford Motor unit Company, ” 2014). The particular heart of Ford Motor unit Company put in Mr. Ford's going assembly line which will he released at the Highland Park herb in 1913. This helped the company to far surpass the production capacity of its competitors when lowering the price tag on the completed product. (Historic Sites) Simply by 1914, advancements to the flow line process experienced reduced the amount of time needed to make a complete Model T in order to 93 mins (Corporate Ford Heritage, 2014). The roaring twenties observed many advancements and enhancements at Honda. By 1919 the Version T placed 40% in the domestic market (" Ford Crises of 1920-1921, ” 2007). Over the 30s and 40s, Honda continued to put the standard for the automotive aftermarket. The company's first new V-8 engine was debuted in 1932. (Ford Richmond Set up Plant -- Operation through the 1930s) In 1940, while Europe and Asia had gone to conflict and the Usa still struggled with economic depression, the Richmond Branch produced about 95 cars daily. Soon this became a Mercury assemblage plant, therefore five types of Mercury's including sedans, vase, and changeable comprised regarding one-quarter of Richmond's outcome. Sales of Ford's 1941 models were among the best ever due typically to the demand created simply by WWII. (Ford Richmond Assembly Plant – Ford's Change to Conflict Production) The 50s and 60s saw Ford changeover from a family owned company to one that might be publically bought and sold. On January 18, 1956, when the Ford Foundation began to sell its stock in the company. The cost was $64. 50 every share. (Stock Tools & Information) The 70s and 80s had been difficult instances for the once great company. After setting a U. S i9000. sales record in 1978, Honda saw their volume jump more than forty-five percent in the next three years. The market share fallen from twenty-five. 5 percent to 19. six percent inside the same span. The deficits came significant and quick: $1. your five billion in 1980, an additional $1 billion in 1981, and $658 million the next season. Americans eager for quality and fuel economy aligned for Japan imports before the cars still left the send (From red ink to glory: The '80s story). The installation losses in sales earnings caused a different sort of kind of reduction: The loss of exec talent. Most of Ford's top rated managers left the company to move a new Machine venture in Tennessee although...

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