KFC in India Example Assignment Ethical Issue Dissertation

п»їKFC in India Case Study Assignment (Ethical Issue)


The case shows the ethical issues associated with Kentucky Toast Chicken's (KFC) business procedures in India. KFC came into India in 1995 and has been in middle of controversies since then. The regulatory government bodies found that KFC's birds did not comply with the Prevention of Meals Adulteration Take action, 1954. Hens contained nearly three times even more monosodium glutamate (popularly called MSG, a flavor enhancing ingredient) while allowed by Act. Considering that the late nineties, KFC encountered severe protests by Persons for Moral Treatment of Pets (PETA), a creature rights safety organization. PETA accused APPLEBEES of rudeness towards hens and unveiled a video tape showing the ill-treatment of birds in KFC's poultry farms. However , undeterred by the protests by PETA and also other animal rights organizations, KFC planned a massive expansion put in India. (see http://www.icmr.icfai.org/casestudies/catalogue/Business%20Ethics/BECG044.htm) Goals

Understand the relevance of ethnical, economic, regulating and ecological issues when establishing organization in a overseas country.

Appreciate the need for safeguarding animal rights in developed and producing countries just like India.

Be familiar with importance of values in doing business.

Examine the reasons for protests of PETA

Determine solutions for KFC's problems in India.

Key Terms

KFC, Business Ethics, International Organization, People to get Ethical Take care of Animals (PETA), Food Adulteration, Selling Unhealthy foods, Cruelty against Animals, Creature Welfare Guidelines, KFC's Chicken Welfare Suggestions.

" Every single bird who KFC puts into a field or a container had a gloomy life and a frightening death. People can be shocked to determine our footage of a APPLEBEES supplier's staff who strolls through a hvalp, carelessly lighting lamps and letting flames fall within the terrified wild birds. The air inside these grubby barns reeks of phosphate fumes, making it difficult for the birds to breathe in. No one which has a grain of compassion will need to set foot in APPLEBEES. "

Ingrid Newkirk, Director, PETA.

" The poultry they provide is full of chemical compounds, and the parrots are given bodily hormones, antibiotics and arsenic chemical substances to fatten them quickly. "



Upon August 20, 2003, a five-foot taller chicken detailed with an ensemble of down and beak hobbled over a pair of crutches outside Kentucky Fried Chicken's (KFC) American indian outlet in Bangalore. The chicken was brought by PETA (People to get Ethical Take care of Animals) active supporters and workers, who taken placards browsing, " Leave India" and " End Playing Fowl" (a pun on " Foul" ).

The chicken was placed on the centre and a peaceful protest happened against the so-called ill remedying of birds in KFC's fowl farms. Multimedia persons were called to achieve the demonstration an extensive coverage.

Outlining the rationale lurking behind the protest, Bijal Vachcharajani, special tasks coordinator of PETA, explained, " Mine is the terrain of Gandhi. Just as 61 years backside our market leaders gave a call for colonizers to quit India, we as well are saying we can not tolerate cruel multinationals. " On the 61st anniversary from the 'Quit India' movement, PETA India published a notice to the Managing Director of Tricon Restaurant International, the parent company of KFC, asking those to close all their sole KFC outlet in India. They got not any reply. PETA activists chosen to protest against KFC simply by carrying crippled chicken, which in turn represented the birds battling in the KFC's farms.

PETA claimed any time two years of intensive campaigning to increase dog welfare criteria in chicken farms, various other foreign take out restaurants within India just like McDonald's and Burger King acquired improved the treatment of animals especially raised and slaughtered for food. Only KFC had not acted. Even though PETA experienced organized additional protests earlier, the crippled chicken advertising campaign became the precursor for further intensive protests. PETA's was one of the many reveals of...