karela study Essay

karela is actually a veg in india and also other aisan countries and will alllllllllllllllllllllllllway be bitttttttter and its can be realllllllly great for old people and fresh if they will stand the taste of it. and here is a examine about windows 8

it the main topic of my thesis in university if interested about home windows 8 only call me up emmergency 911 dont borther mme my spouse and i m older like a karela. LOL lol LOL hahaha lol rofl lol hahaha lol hahaha lol hahaha lol hahaha lol rofl lol lol lol п»ї1) Topic in the articleВ 1 pt.

What do you wish to about windows 8?

2)В Source: В NY Moments, Washington Content, Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, various internet TV media channels (Yahoo is not really a source; that they buy all their news via agencies like Reuters or perhaps Associated Press) 1 pt. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2411187,00.asp


3)В several sentence summary in your own terms. 2 pts.

Windows eight in coming next Comes to an end October 21. It is perplexing for outdated windows users because it is an entire new factor. windows almost eight will be difficult for computer's desktop or laptop computer laptop because its even more made for touchscreen then mouse button on computer's desktop or notebook. If you obtain windows 8 RT it will not let you run old glass windows software just like you have to watch for them to your printer or video game because its applications are not yet generated for windows 8 but if you get house windows 8 pro you don't need to hang on

4)В Your reaction to the article-3 sentences. 3 pts.

So why did windows change the traditional way of getting at the start menu? Why would windows make it so difficult for aged user?

Why are so much different between windows eight RT and windows almost eight pro?

5) That is impacted by the article-a regional family, a whole state, a country, etc .? В This may not be specifically mentioned inside the article but can be an inference from the particular news is about. 3 sentences. 3 pts. Microsoft can be impacted by this content.