Strategic Program Part II: SWOTT Analysis Essay

Ideal Plan Component II: SWOTT Analysis


The spring 22, 2013

Maria Rutledge

Strategic Strategy Part 2: SWOTT Analysis

When working with in any business it is vital to develop a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Risks, and Styles (SWOTT) Evaluation. The advantages are those ideas that a business excels by, and out performs all their competitors in this field. Weaknesses will be areas that company has the most weakness in, wherever their opponents may keep the advantage or the company can easily improve in. Opportunities happen to be areas that company can easily grow and excel in, such as a fresh market, or areas where the organization can use to get strengths. Dangers are locations where the company is in danger of losing market share or functionality; this can be something as simple while accounting mishaps to a new company going into the market. Developments are items that the client wants in the current time and may end soon or be prolonged for a while. A company that identifies the need of a SWOTT Examination and uses that examination can continue to prosper and increase.

A SWOTT Analysis addresses both external and internal factors that affect the company. For Just for Us recognizing these kinds of factors and making the correct corrections as well as additions can mean the difference among succeeding or perhaps failing. External factors may be environmental, legal & regulatory, economics, technical, or other activities that happen outside the firm that impact the company. Interior factors may be structure, program processes, strategies, or whatever else inside the company that can affect the company. To better understand these factors one would have to take a deeper look in to elements both exterior and internal that impacts the company. Exterior Factors

Legal and regulatory factors influence Just for Us in the way that they receive, send out, and sell their products. Operating mainly in the United States and being a publically traded organization, Just for All of us has to are accountable to the Security Exchange...