life in a big town Essay

п»їLife in most big cities is usually disgusting and often listen to people complain that they are sick of crammed, cribbed and confined life of big cities. Your life here is artificial and В completely cut off from nature. For the endless romantic, is it doesn't last place he would love to be in.. Inside the glare in the neon tubes, he would your investment sun, the moon and the stars. Few-people enjoy life within a city mainly because it deprives us of an В inner calm and ecstasy, В in spiteВ of all of the amenities of modern life thatВ it provides.

Your life in a town is more or less just like a prison. People there live only to work, and function only for cash. They these people make money simply to spend it, and then continue to be depressed because they terribly lack enough cash. They are simply slaves-slaves of time their money, visa or mastercard, s, EMI's, and also of their companies, their very own bosses, even their spouses. They operate according to a fixed regimen, and never possess a second to pause. They may be deep in to the rat race and madly pursuit the material luxuries of life. Sometimes the a fight for success, a fight for oneВ squareВ meal. Sometimes it could be a fight for theВ fulfillment on the dreams, aВ desire for luxuries and luxuries. Nevertheless, their always challenging for anything, the success of which will help to make us have difficulties for something different.

People in a city don't have any emotional bonds with any individual, neither close friends nor relatives. they remained withinВ closedВ doors all time. They may have no time pertaining to social events and friendly visits. Seriously, В sincerity, openness, care and affection will be qualities seldom seen amongst city-dwellers.. Holiday providers selfish, carried away, В cunningВ and handy.

Apart from personal troubles, the folks of big urban centers also have to grapple with other day-to day challenges thanks to the metropolis itself. Most frequent among one of them are Pollution, traffic congestion, overloaded trains and buses, lack of open spots, dirty slums, filth and garbage. The pathetic view of beggars atВ trafficВ signals moving among flashy cars carrying wealthy males, is one of...