Enzyme and Pulpy Pineapple Mixture Article

Biology, Section G

27 Sept 2013

Try things out 5. several

Title: The Fragility of the Enzyme

Purpose: To see just how easily chemical function may be destroyed. Speculation: I think the fact that bowl with only Jell-O will established as does the bowl with heated blueberry but the Jell-O with clean, uncooked pineapple will not arranged. Materials:

Part of a new pineapple

A blender or possibly a fine mozzarella cheese grater

several small containers

A small box of Jell-O




2 tablespoons


1 . Cut the pineapple to take out any epidermis. Blend/grate the pineapple in a thick, pulpy mixture of refreshing pineapple. You require about a glass of this mix. 2 . Put together the Jell-O as described in the guidelines on the container. 3. When you are boiling the water for the Jell-O, have a tablespoon from the thick, pulpy pineapple blend and pour it as one of the 3 small containers. Save that tablespoon for use with that dish only. Draw the bowl as " room-temperature blueberry juice. ” 4. Take those rest of the thick, pulpy mix and put it into a pot. At some point you are going to heat that, but tend not to do that right now. 5. If you have finished setting up the Jell-O up to the point where you stick it in the refrigerator, dump one-third of computer into each of the three dishes. Stir the bowl which has Jell-O plus the thick, pulpy pineapple mixture with the tea spoon you kept in step (3). 6. Take those pot of thick, pulpy pineapple mixture and temperature it about high pertaining to five minutes. Retain stirring that constantly, in order to distribute the warmth evenly. The thick, pulpy mixture may possibly boil. That's fine; simply keep mixing. 7. After five minutes of warmth, take one tablespoon of the hot pulpy mixture and pour it into one with the two containers that have just Jell-O in them. Use a different tea spoon than the a single you used in step (3). Stir strongly. Label that bowl because " heated up pineapple drink. ” almost 8. Put all 3 bowls inside the refrigerator and wait for the length of time described for the Jell-O field. 9. Examine the three containers of Jell-O. What happened?...