Essay about Energy  Fossil Fuels

Energy and Fossil Fuels

January 30, 2012

I will be covering up different types of strength and how they may be converted into other forms of energy. I will also go over what fossil fuels are, alternatives to non-renewable fuels and the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives.

There are several several forms of strength and how it could be converted from one type to a different. According to The Law of Conservation of one's; energy can neither be created or perhaps destroyed, just transferred and transformed. Strength in the form of high temperature can be changed into mechanical energy. One way we can see this process is at a power plant. A engine power burning fossil fuel will create heat energy, heat energy transfers to the water creating water to turn into vapor, steam move the generator due to pressure, energy is now transfer by heat to mechanical strength, then mechanised energy is usually converted to electrical by the power generators.

Fossil fuels are quite simply any carbon based element that is used being a source of energy. Non-renewable fuels are formed from the remains of dead animals and other organisms. An animal or herb dies and its remains happen to be covered by residue over time. As more layers start to cover the remains, they begin to act like a press. Heat and pressure over time convert these organic remains in to the hydrocarbons we all mine while fossil fuels. One of the most common non-renewable fuels are gas, coal and oil. Fossil fuels are an attractive source of energy as they are easily accessible and require almost no to collect them and can be accustomed to operate or provided continuous power and heat for a few applications.

Some of the alternatives to fossil fuels will be solar energy and biofuels are just a few. Solar powered energy through the use of solar energy panels converts strength from the sun into electricity. Some of the advantages of solar energy happen to be they can whatever it takes fossil fuel energy can do, with far less polluting of the environment involved and lower working costs...