employee satisfaction with simple wefare services Essay


1 . you Introduction:

Labour well being work aims at providing this kind of service establishments & amenities which enable the workers employed in an organization to do their operate healthy good-natured surrounding conductive to health & large morale. Labour welfare is known as a comprehensive term including numerous services, benefits & establishments offered by the employer. Through these kinds of generous fringe benefits company makes existence worth living for employees. The welfare services are extended in further to normal wages & other economic advantages available to personnel as per the legal provisions. Wellbeing measures also be provided by the government, trade assemblage, non government agencies in addition to the workplace. " International Labour Firm efforts for making life really worth living for workers. ” According to Oxford dictionary " Wellbeing is basically an attitude of mind on the part of management influencing the method in which management actions are carried out. ” Through this project an attempt is made to assess various aspects of the well being activities & also attempt is made to evaluate the labor welfare actions & labor welfare establishments given to employees in the " GHODAWAT FOODS INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. ” & attempted to point out if this corporation is effectively maintaining the good relationship with all the employees to get maximum performance of the workers in the organization, so as to attain the ultimate target of the business.

Labour wellbeing covers a really broad discipline. It advises many suggestions, meanings & connotations just like safety, heath, happiness, success & advancement human resources.


The main purpose of the study is usually to study " Employee Pleasure With Fundamental Welfare Facilities” provided by the " Ghodawat Foods International Pvt. Ltd. ” & also to analyze the well being facilities. Since ‘Ghodawat Food International Pvt. Ltd. ' is very renowned & popular company in Sangli & Kolhapur place.


The main objectives of studying the welfare features of employees are as follows; To analyze the different welfare establishments provided by the organization to the staff. To see the knowing of the workers towards the welfare facilities. To know the opinion with the workers about the welfare establishments. To study the satisfaction level of workers towards welfare features. To study the extra welfare features which the employees want.


1 ) 4. 1 Research Title

A report of " Employee Satisfaction With Standard Welfare Facilities” with particular reference to " Ghodawat Foods International Pvt. Ltd. ” Title includes a term " Worker Satisfaction With Basic wellbeing Facilities” this means employee Satisfaction With rewards & solutions provided by the organization. It is a approach to giving extra benefits to employees besides salary & wages. 1 ) 4. two Data collection

The study requires collection of well being facilities constitute the available sources. The technique for the collection of data is divided into two groups. 1 . Primary Info

2 . Extra Data

1 ) Primary Data

The data was collected pertaining to the study getting into discussion with companies' staff, personal observation & by simply preparing questionnaire. Questionnaire utilized for collecting information coming from employees. 1 ) Observation

2 . Set of questions

2 . Secondary Data

Library analysis –

Several books related to Human Resource Management had been studied. Some other sources are -

1 . Paper

2 . Internet

3. Magazines

4. Business Documents & Reports

1 . 4. three or more Sampling

The total personnel in ‘Sanjay Ghodawat food International Pvt. Ltd. ' are three hundred but the researcher has selected 50 staff for this examine randomly providing priority to any or all the departments. 1 . 4. 4 Strategies & techniques

Intended for analyzing info, the...