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President Ronald Reagan's speech regarding the tragic disaster from the space shuttle Challenger in year 1986 was an emotional talk expressing accord and motivation. The conversation honored the seven jet pilots who dropped their lives and also offered hope to individuals who continue to explore space later on. Several targets from Chief executive Reagan's conversation was attained. According to Lucas (2011), when providing a commemorative speech, the key purpose is good for the presenter to inspire the audience (p. 359). Reagan (1986), talked about the astronauts long lasting a courageous and brave death when doing something which was dear to their hearts and adored. He regarded as them to be " pioneers”. As Reagan (1986) tackled the nation, he previously words of compassion, although also words that were pushing to the American people. He addressed the " school children of America” to to some extent comfort these people and told them the outcomes that space discovery has. Reagan (1986) spoke educational words towards the American people when he said, " We'll continue each of our quest in space”, then simply goes on to declare, " Absolutely nothing ends right here; our hopes and our journeys continue. ” A commemorative presentation relies on the extensive make use of " imaginative and subtle” language to work (Lucas, 2011, p. 359). In Reagan's speech, he appears to be genuine and genuine. He tries to deliver the speech on the more personal level when he states, " Nancy and I are coated to the key by the disaster of the shuttle Challenger” (Reagan, 1986). Reagan also integrates phrases of " we” and " us” in his speech to motivate a combined front from the entire nation in grieving the loss of the " Challenger Seven”. Yet , he also acknowledged the journey like a nation of space query will go on advance in science and technology. The final outcome of the talk ends in to some extent of a simile; comparing commonalities between two different tragedies. Reagan (1986) states, " On this working day 390...

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