dsp centered Ac POWER converter Dissertation

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Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Volume eleven, Number 2, 2011

DSP Centered Control Implementation

of an AC/DC Converter with

Improved Insight Current Bias


Electrical Anatomist Department, Full Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand [email protected] ac. a, [email protected] air conditioner. th


Abstract—This paper presents an electronic signal processor

based charge of an AC/DC converter with nearly oneness power

element. Normally, the output voltage of a single-phase AC/DC converter includes a voltage ripple with twice line-frequency. This influences the volt quality control trap and contributes to the converter input current distortion. The purposed method is designed to avoid the effect of the outcome voltage ripple. To validate the proposed control technique, MATLAB/Simulink is employed for

system simulation. A hardware model is set up. A low cost digital signal finalizing chip dsPIC30F4011 is employed as a digital control to control a CUK AC/DC converter. The

converter requirements are 48V output volt quality and 250W

output electricity. From the ruse and the experimental

results proven that the suggestions current bias of the purposed system is reduced and below the AC/DC converter that

controlled by the regular proportional-integral controller. Index Terms—AC/DC converter, converter, digital control,

digital signal processing chip, power component correction

My spouse and i. INTRODUCTION

Through the harmonic problem in utility system, the limit

current of each harmonic buy of weight current have been

defined in an international regular harmonics rules.

Electronic equipment which consists of a rectifier circuit is a good example of the equipment that draws harmonic currents

from the AC collection. Therefore the AC/DC converters with

power aspect correction [1]-[7] were proposed to minimize

the harmonic currents. By flexible of by using a programmable

equipment such as a microcontroller, a processor, a field pre-reglable gate mixture (FPGA) and a digital sign

processor (DSP) as a digital controller, then this power

converter that controlled by the digital control has many positive aspects over the convsersion app controlled by an analog

circuit. The control formula in a digital controller could be easily changed or current to increase the performance of the converter by reprogram the programmable recollection of the

digital controller. Furthermore the modern microcontrollers

and digital signal cpus usually have a built in

communication interface that can be used for any supervisory

control or a system monitoring purpose [8].

Generally the result voltage of the power component

correction (PFC) circuit will not contain simply a pure DC

ac electricity but it also contains a double series frequency volts ripple on the output. From your concept of the multiplier structured PFC

signal as in [9], the control coils are an input current trap This job was supported by the Graduate School and the Faculty of Engineering of King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Asia

and an output voltage loop. The output voltage trap is used

to manage the output voltage to a wanted level as well as the inner current loop can be used to control the input current of a PFC

circuit to follow along with a rectified line volt quality waveform for any high power factor goal. The output ac electricity control trap

should be created to have a closed loop band width about

twelve to 20 Hz for a low input current distortion from the AC/DC

converter, then the voltage loop transitive response is usually slow. Various solutions had been proposed to enhance only the energetic

response in the AC/DC ripping tools. The digital notch filtration system

[10] continues to be implemented to filter the voltage ripple from

the feedback signal that provided for the output ac electricity controller. The dead area digital...

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