Essay upon Discussion About One of My own Short-Term and One of My own Long-Term Desired goals

Discussion about one of my own short-term and one of my long-term desired goals

It is very important to obtain goals in every area of your life. With desired goals, you can focus to archive results in your live. Without goals, somebody will be unaware about his life. With this dissertation, I would like to spell out one of my own short-term and one of my own long-term goals to show essential these desired goals are personally. One of my own short-term goals is a powerful finish my education at Georgia Perimeter College. This may not be only to develop my own know-how and expertise. Much more, a good result may open doors upon other Schools, like Georgia Tech or perhaps Georgia Point out, for me. My personal plan is always to transfer to a single of these Schools for further education. Success is a very important part in my life, in fact. I are not happy when I cannot complete a presented task efficiently. Such uncompleted tasks can ruin my day or night. They will bother me until they may be finished. This mostly ends in sleepless nights, as the problem is even now stuck within my head, and I cannot let it go before the process is successful completed. Therefore , I usually research the web for different solutions, or I simply begin to think again right from the start. So far, this helped to solve the offered tasks or perhaps problems. I possess the good conviction that developing my personal skills here at Georgia Perimeter College may help me in my future to raised, faster, and, easier complete given responsibilities or solve problems the daily life brings with by itself. I hope that after I effectively finish my own education only at Georgia Perimeter College I will have the opportunity to copy to possibly Georgia Technology or Georgia State to go forward to my own next target, my Bachelor Degree in Computer Research. After completing this goal, I will move forward to work on my own long-term objective. This long lasting goal will either be to start my own computer-based organization. I could also think of employed in my friends business. He has a business that does website development, software development and, any kind of computer...