Develop a marketing Strategy and Brief- Dissertation

Aim of this display

- marketing campaign

- research client info

1) when for what reason who in which what

2) resources -> franchise, affliated

3) awards endorsed

4) debt, the liability, civil case, reputation

-- prepare for a gathering with the advertiser/client

Why questions

- more info

- validate

- socieligyic

- make a relationship

- networking

-- safety purpose (precaution)

-- justify

Determine client requirements1

Porpos (on going, mission) -> target (end effects of a marketing campaign, ) - product life routine (pg5)

Product/service: Tangible, intangible(bank industry, insurance)

Assessment task1

5. parody of a famous song

-- Commonwealth Consolidated Acts


http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ca1968133/s36.html 2) COPYRIGHT TAKE ACTION 1968 - SECT 41A



1) Copie, satires & jokes



My own client asks for that advertisements have to include a parody of the famous music. When I employ music to get my advertising campaign, I need to enable from the singer/song writer by simply Australia copyright laws law (Copyright Act 1968). First We try to find copyright owner to sign up APRA ( Australian Prudential Regulation Expert, http://www.apra.gov.au/). Although copyright owner reveals that it is owned by simply an unknown person who bought it from the singer/song writer prior to he was famous. I make an effort to research to expose copyright owner but My spouse and i can't.

At this time, what I should do to fix this problem. Even more I need not simply song nevertheless also parody of a song. In this case, I have to consider any copyright law or forbidden for my own clients. In according to Commonwealth Consolidated Acts, the moment my creative brief needs a parody of a famous music, I have to...