Database Design and SQL Assignment Analysis Paper


DBS201 Task 2

Due Friday, April 04th by night time

10% of final mark

Your group must incorporate 2 or 3 persons You will build a logical databases design intended for the following description shown later on (Page several etc). Submissions done by a single individual will receive a 20% fees.

Required for submission:

One: (60 marks)

Printed 3NF solution for each user perspective in this job

a) You are to show each step of the process in your answer: UNF, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF. b) You are to obviously mark Major and Foreign Keys while shown inside the sample under:

Entity1[ column1 (PK), column2, column3, column4 (FK), column5 ] Entity2[ column4 (PK), line 6, …….. ]

Two: (10 marks)

Merged Rational design in 3NF formatting for the perfect solution is One. The merged reasonable design is usually referred to as a final Logical 3NF Design.

1 . Merging is accomplished by grouping almost all attributes of 3NF entities that have the identical Principal Key into a single consolidated business.

2 . After joining, make the feature names regular.

3. You may also need to eliminate some new transitive organizations as some choices may have become back to 2NF.

4. At this stage you must closely check any producing entiites that have a concatenated Primary Key to ensure that they will truly symbolize a " Many-to-Many relationship. When the relationship is actually a " One-to-Many” regards, you must right the Primary Key by removing one or more content from the PK and which include them while non-key attribute(s).

your five. Check that all necessary Connection Entities exist and create them if perhaps needed.

Three: (10 marks)

An ERD that corresponds to your Final 3NF Design and style (solution Two). The ERD may be published or driven by hand. Present only the brand of the Organization, the PK, all Overseas Keys and contours joining the Entities. You should utilize the Crow's Foot method.


You must turn in the Distribution Form (below) with your job (one per group).

Scholar Assignment Submitting Form

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3) Esten Lee

Information of Operations

An anatomist firm known as ENG-A-PLUS supplies design and build services to Government and organizations. You will discover five consumer views from which you can decide an maximum 3NF reasonable solution.

Note that each employee offers exactly one particular skill. Various other relationships can be determined by examining the user landscapes, writing the UNF information of the customer view, and, finally Normalizing each UNF. Be careful to blend identical dining tables. Also validate that each from the key qualities in any concatenated key is in fact required. Whether it is a true Meters: N among each area of the key, then simply both parts should be maintained. However when there is a 1: M relationship involving the attributes of the concatenated crucial, one of the key attributes needs to be removed and placed as being a non-key feature in the relation.

DBS Project 2:

Issue 1:

UNF: Invoice[invoice(employee, skill, skill, hourly price, date, hours periods, charge, tools number, particular date, total hours, hourly price, charge) buyer, address, project, project type, location, invoice date]


Bill[invoicePK consumer, address, job, project type, location, invoice date]

Invoice_Employee[invoiceFK, employeePK skill, skill hourly rate, particular date, hrs, charge]

Invoice_Equip[equipmentPK, invoiceFK, date, total hours, by the hour rate, charge]


Invoice[invoicePK customer, treat,...