Dana Corridor Essay

S02d2-Dana Hall

Capella University-Dr. Elena Kays

August 21, 2013

The Dana Hall University was founded in 1881 by simply Henry Durant, with who he and a friend, Charles Dana, allotted resources to create. As a great All-Girl's college, they at first began as being a boarding only school for girls in levels 10-12. Sadly, despite a plateau and after that decrease in sign up, the organization today must encounter a decision based upon three options: Continue to run a failed unit until they will run out of land to offer. Invite kids to apply and make the university coeducational.

Discover a way to get the existing model to work better. (McFarlan, 2007) Especially, the dialog below can be provided to reach the following aims: Identify the educational and sociable values that undergird a brief history and mission of the establishment Identify the deep sitting down values brought into conflict inside the decision by Dana Corridor to offer co-education.

Bill McMurtrie: Hi Elaine. Thank you for meeting with myself today. When you are aware, were having a lot of serious problems here at Credit Hall. Elaine Betts: Certainly, William. We've been struggling for many years to increase enrollment, decrease turnover and surpass against the competition. William McMurtrie: As newly elected head of the " Mission Committee, ” we could hoping to restore the true mission of Nilai Hall. The college has evolved through the years as a Girls' Boarding school only for learners in grade 10-12, to just one that is available to girls coming from sixth quality and up. Elaine Betts: How can everyone for the committee experience so far? Could it be fair to state the decision to include males is a correct decision? Wiliam McMurtrie: The panel, so far, provides concretely managed to get known that they can feel the " current, single-sex environment” is usually working the best for the scholars. Elaine Betts: So , are you indicating that the stakeholders do not want to change the make up of college students? Wiliam McMurtrie: Yes. Actually the committee did a lot of due...

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