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A Case Research

The purpose of this situatio is to present you with an opportunity to utilize the behavior concepts presented in Chapter 3. One basis for contrasting the two successive plant managers is in terms of task-oriented and relations-oriented leadership.

1 ) Describe and compare the managerial patterns of Bill and Phil cannella. Describe each manager's use of specific job and relations behaviors. Just how much does each manager work with participative or inspirational command?

Ben was very worried about employees, wonderful concern was reflected in efforts to guard employee jobs and make the work environment more pleasant. He socialized with personnel, was supporting, and managed an extensive network of personal relationships with staff. However , Bill had a relatively weak concern for efficiency and product quality. He was satisfied to keep the same amount of production, and he did not set high end objectives and quality specifications. Ben used supporting and some aspects of team building, but do little to develop employee expertise and confidence. He did not use much planning, making clear, and monitoring. Ben assigned the responsibility intended for supervising plant workers entirely to his first-line administrators, but offered little assistance about what he expected. The truth did not explain any lively use of consultation by Ben.

In contrast to Ben, Phil used a substantial amount of task-oriented patterns, (e. g., clarifying, monitoring, and operational planning). Phil cannella set powerful standards, forced people to attain them, and checked carefully on their performance. However , Phil cannella had very little concern for employees and did not hesitate making decisions that cut costs at the price of worker benefits and jobs. Phil was low on relations-oriented behaviors such as supporting, producing, and team development. He was extremely directive and autocratic for making decisions and used very little consultation or perhaps delegation.

2 . Compare...