Clandestine Cultures Essay

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Articles or blog posts range greatly in top quality, from as high as featured articlesto as low as candidates pertaining to speedy deletion. Some articles are quite lengthy and full of content while some are shorter (possibly stubs) or perhaps of smaller quality. The Clandestine HUMINT page deals with the capabilities of that willpower, including espionage and effective counterintelligence. This site deals with Clandestine HUMINT functional techniques, also called as " tradecraft". It relates to clandestine procedures for watching, and for a clandestine phase prior to direct action (DA) or unconventional warfare (UW). Clandestine HUMINT resources may also become local manuals for special reconnaissance (SR). Many of the approaches here are crucial in counterintelligence. Shielding counterintelligence employees need to know them to recognize lookout, sabotage, etc . in procedure. Offensive counterintelligence specialists could possibly use them against foreign intelligence services (FIS). While DE UMA and UW can be done by national military or perhaps paramilitary companies,  al-Qaeda and related non-state adepte groups may actually use noticeably different clandestine cell system structure, to get command, control, and operations, than perform national causes. Cell devices are changing to even more decentralized models, sometimes because they are enabled by simply new kinds of electronic marketing communications. This page deals primarily with one's very own assets. See double agent for more information adversary sources that a country has considered its own area. Contents


1 Staff and Skills in a Clandestine HUMINT Operations Stop 1 . 1 Station under Diplomatic Cover

1 ) 2 Stations below Official but non-diplomatic Cover

1 . 3 Stations under non-official cover

1 . 3. 1 Moving new providers into unlawful residencies

1 ) 3. 1 . 1 Separated performing agent

1 ) 3. 1 . 2 Agent group

1 . several. 1 . 3 Agent residency

1 . 3. 2 A representative illegal residency

1 . 4 Support Solutions

1 . 4. 1 Transportation, Infiltration, Exfiltration, Strategies 1 . some. 2 Volunteer and Proprietary Support

1 . some. 3 Safehouses

1 ) 4. 4 Useful Idiots

2 Basic Agent Enrolling

3 Basic Agent Operations

three or more. 1 Training

3. 2 Continued Testing during Businesses

3. 3 Operating the Agent

3. 4 Agent Communications

a few. 4. 1 Meeting places for personal meetings

a few. 4. 2 Clandestine Transfer operated by Individuals

3. some. 2 . 1 Brush Pass and other physical exchange with couriers 3. some. 2 . 2 Dead Drop

a few. 4. 2 . 3 Car Throws

3. 4. 3 Methods of Protecting Message Content

a few. 4. several. 1 Microphotography

several. 4. three or more. 2 Encryption

a few. 4. three or more. 3 Plain dialect code

three or more. 4. three or more. 4 Steganography, Hidden Channels, and Spread Variety 3. four. 4 Methods of Protecting against Electronic digital Detection in the fact of messaging a few. 5 Termination

4 Special Clandestine Services

4. 1 Agents of Effect

4. 2 Strategic deception

5 Direct Action Services

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7 References

Staff and Abilities in a Clandestine HUMINT Procedures Station[edit] This description is based around the...