Essay upon Cis319 Week 4 Person Assignment

System Evaluation

Phillip Shelton


June twenty-four, 2013

Greg Juszynski

System Evaluation

Information technology is known as " the study, style, development, application, implementation, support or managing of computer-based information devices. There are many systems that an corporation uses on a daily basis from Management Information Systems (MIS), to Transaction Finalizing Systems (TPS), to Decision Support Systems (DSS). In the current society individuals systems are the vital areas of an organization's survival. IT systems would be the backbone of your organization's functions and without these people organizations flunk of offering services. That they drive all of the daily responsibilities, store documents and data, provides solutions to problems, and give competitive advantages. With the introduction of various THAT solutions and systems nowadays, many IT infrastructures have become more flexible for the demands from the business. We work for the Holly Spring suspensions School Section, and a single system which it uses to be more flexible to the community needs in referred to as the Notify Me System. The Inform Me Program or " Notify Me Networks provides customizable interactive alerting solutions that empower businesses to supply customers with the personalized, crucial information they should make brilliant decisions and respond immediately. ” (NotifyMe Networks, 2001). One may get this information via email messages, phone call, or perhaps text message. The corporation uses all types of systems, yet , the large volume of info needed to be sent to the community, and the demand for specific information is what forced the organization to locate a system that could allow this inform an enormous amount of men and women at a time. The district required that the THAT department get some type of program that was capable of accomplishing so , plus the department uncovered the Alert Me Program. Other requirements were the fact that system had to be able to shop information of each and every contact, which included only the contact number...

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