Character Evaluation of Annie Henderson in Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Performs Essay

Figure Analysis of Annie Henderson (Momma)

In Maya Angelou's autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, someone

is introduced to a vast ensemble of sophisticated characters. Every character includes a

tremendous effect on Maya Angelou's life. One character who have not only provides great

pounds in Maya's life, although is also probably the most beloved and admired character types is

Annie Henderson, Maya's paternal grandma. She is defined by a great unshakable trust

in God, her dedication to her community, and a deep like for almost everything she touches. Annie

Henderson, affectionately known as Momma, provides the greatest affect over Internet

Angelou, coming from childhood to adolescence.

Momma lives in Rubber stamps, Arkansas, in which she is dearly loved and respected by it is

residents. The girl with the proprietor of the simply general retail outlet, the Wm. Johnson General

Merchandise Retail store, in the black community. Momma has a good entrepreneurial spirit.

She has owned this retail store for some makes years, beginning it as a mobile lunch center

and in the end building it in the heart of the dark-colored community. Your woman lives in the back of

their grocer with her handicapped boy, Uncle Willie. Maya and her big brother, Bailey Junior.,

go to live with Momma when they were 3 and 4 years old. Momma excepts these people

into her home with open arms and increases them for the majority of their the child years.

Momma instills in them a sense of proper and wrong and elevates the children relating to

stern Christian ideals.

One thing which makes Momma a crucial character can be her unshakeable faith in

God. Just about every morning Momma rises by bed (without an alarm clock) in four o'clock

and begins her day time with a plea, asking for Goodness to bless her house and everyone in it.

Once Momma can be confronted with racism, she wants God pertaining to guidance. Among the

this is when Momma and Cyber were outside of the store on a fine day time and they occurred

to notice 3 poor white-trash children coming down the mountain. Momma delivers Maya into

the store to shield her from what would most definitely turn into a great ugly situation.

Momma turned to stone and " would an excellent task of loose from her waist straight down, but

in the waist up she appeared to be pulling from your top of the walnut tree through the street"

and she started to moan a hymn. When the three kids approached Momma, they

started to mock and torment her. Momma was defiantly on her behalf porch, providing no sign of

care, and continuing moaning her hymn, as the children proceeded mocking her.

Finally the children tired and casually explained their good-byes, disrespecting Momma further

by referring to her by her first name. Maya witnesses this scene from inside the retail outlet and

initially was extremely angry, nevertheless the enigme was more than, she felt pride in her

grandmother. She did not fully comprehend what happened, but she was certain that her

grandmother won the challenge. This show is the best test onto her faith in God mainly because

no matter what took place, she by no means lost her faith and continued to love her enemies.

An additional example which enables Momma an essential character can be her devotion to her

community. When the 1930s " seeped into the dark community slowly and gradually, like a

robber with misgivings" Momma invented a plan that not only could help her business

prosper in the air of this trying time, but likewise help out those greatly afflicted with it.

The lady came up with the brilliant thought to allow her patrons to turn in their wellbeing provisions

in exchange for the goods that they were accustomed to ahead of the Depression. Your woman put

away a sign facing her retail store proclaiming that " one-five pound may of driven milk can be

worth forty five cents in trade, one-five pound can easily of power eggs may be worth one money in

transact, and ten-number two can lids of mackerel is worth a single dollar in trade. " Not only would

she develop this plan nevertheless she also loaned money to many people, black and white. The...